We go through cycles of life that expose us to emotional experiences that challenge us to grow awareness. These are archetypal time periods with specific themes you become aware of when you know how to recognize the archetypes. Besides psychology I studied many different esoteric schools in my search for understanding the meaning of life, over 30 years. I came upon a method that indicates, like clockwork, a pattern that helps us determine our place on the map of life. This method is constantly verified, observed and practiced as I continue to investigate and check it constantly.
If you feel attracted and curious about your own personal growth and healing and need to know more about how to participate consciousness in your healing journey, you might be ready to do this course with me now.

This course teaches you how to use symbolism and symbol systems as well as your unconscious to tap direction, guidance and consciousness in your personal healing journey. You will find that a life event that was previously a mystery to you reveals its reason and meaning. You will discover the beauty of the Archetypes as principles that orchestrate all life’s processes in the universe. We evolve according to these principles. Our conscious participation moves the process of development forward, and our unconsciousness of this process get us stuck in repeating historical patterns where the movement of learning happens very slowly.

Would you like to learn more about how to heal and grow in synch with what you are ready to do – use your particular archetypal theme during the specific time given for that period?
Through the years when people have done this course they always say “Why did we not know about this before. It should be general knowledge because it is so helpful and make so much sense”

Everyone has a lot of fun as they discover these archetypes and the light just goes on as you begin to understand how the symbolism in your life assists in your growth.

Are you ready to receive this teaching?
Please let me know.



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