Self-contemplation is the ability to reflect on experience in ones mind and the mirror or any shiny reflective object like the moon or a pool of water, symbolizes this ability. The formal reality of the visible world reflects, through the mirror, a new, truer and mystical dimension of a bigger universal reality. A mirror is the symbol of imagination and consciousness, according to “A Dictionary of Symbols” by J.E. Cirlot, translated form the Spanish by Jack Sage. The British publisher, Routledge in London published the second edition in 1971 and reprinted in 1995. Dreams, symbols and synchronicities resemble similar reflective qualities as a mirror and put us in touch with memories, the unconscious and the universal. Contemplating on the symbolism of dreams, symbol systems or synchronicities, opens our awareness to a collective reality that extends our rational thought.

When we reflect, our inner spiritual certainty, that lies latent in our unconscious, awakes. Before this awakening, our lives are completely involved with material ambitions where our past conditioning by family and society, dictates. It is amazing how much we occupy ourselves with cognitive thoughts and ideas that shut our access to the unconscious and its illumination abilities. Therefore, the process of self-reflection is a vital one for finding our true Self, purpose and destiny. In general the favourable times for our self-reflective ability, seem to occur as an awakening around the age of 28 to 35 and again around the age of 55 to 56, but any extreme personal circumstance can trigger this process. Once we know how to reflect on our lives, self-reflection becomes a healing tool. We find spiritual direction in this self-reflective dimension.

Today, I experienced the astonishing reality of the power of symbolic reflection when a client felt blocked by his rationalizations. We circled his dilemma from all the possible cognitive angles. Although we discussed some great theories and came to understandings, which lead to possible solutions, he did not feel that “click” that announces truth in his soul. As long as there is no click that announces one’s internal truth, one feels unresolved. The astrological chart, dreams and symbolism serves as my mirror to accesses the reflective universe for truth beyond the visible and cognitive world. My ego mind tunes out as I look into the arrangement of symbols and wait for some configuration to speak to me in the light of the questions of the client’s dilemma. I hold all the logical information and conversations we ever had, in mind, as a question to the collective unconscious. This is a process where I use my knowledge and experience with symbols in collaboration with my client’s unconscious processes. I assist him to discover his truth. As the “click” happens, I announce it and it immediately happens for him at the same time. The illuminating insight strikes him with a tremendous relief despite its painful truth. Everything makes sense and the true therapy can begin because the ego has no defence against the truth in the reflection. We dug through the defence mechanisms to his soul’s truth and the meaning of the challenge that he is facing right now. To find his true Self, purpose and destiny, my client if facing a challenge that was a riddle to his rational self. Looking into the mirror of universal symbolism, he suddenly saw the true meaning of his struggle that had nothing to do with practical solutions. His struggle prompted him to find the deepest wound he did not even know he carried until he recognized it with a bolt of insight that emerged not from logic that he could defend against, but form a place so deep and unexpected that it clicks with its truth. Some of the rational analysis and practical problem solving still applies, but now he knows why he has to do what he has to do. The challenge directly relates to his conscious participation of his spiritual development. Before the insight, the challenge was remote as if outside circumstances were responsible or he just made a rational mistake in his choices. However, there is no mistake as far as the unconscious goes. He needs the challenging experience to bring awareness of his hidden wounds, otherwise never detected.


Be brave and look into the mirror of self-reflection to find your true Self, purpose and destiny.

Jayni Bloch

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