Perception is a form of awareness that gives the observer insight into the internal (the psyche) and external (everyday reality) world of experience. The external reflects, tells something about, the internal and the internal the external, but we have to make the connection. The tools that the photographer uses are both technical-cognitive as well as creative-intuitive. We generally focus initially on technical skills during our creative process, but our product is a metaphor for personal development when we access our intuitive side to be a creative co-producer of art.

The photographer is an artist and creator of images from a personal point of view shaped by their own consciousness and personal development. Consciousness of the symbolism of our observations and manifestations leads to self-exploration and psychological development. A photo tells an eternal story of light, insight, beauty, contemplation, interaction, reaction, positive and negative emotion and creativity. It explains the “what, who and where” we find about ourselves in the evolutionary processes of our personal and collective human psyche. Photos is a form of journaling our journey through life. Photos are the impressions life made on us and how we impress our perceptions and observations back on life though our consciousness. Photos are a way of sharing our stories and inspire each other to grow, change and develop through awareness.

A photo then becomes an eternal story captured in a single moment that serves the purpose of keeping record of life and experience, as perceived through the eyes of the photographer. Not only is a photo a form of personal and universal recordkeeping and storytelling but a form of monitoring the self-development of the producer as well as a culture. The individual is a microcosm of the collective.  The photo is universal and collective when it is intuitively inspired by a technically informed artist. The photo is eternal because it captures everyone’s story in your own.

Conscious art is a practice where we constantly weigh up the weaknesses and strengths of our technical and intuitive skills, to work on what challenges us in order to adjust our ways as we continue to develop.

Be technically sharp, creative and inspired. Live intuitively and live consciously.

Blessings to you all,

Jayni Bloch.

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