I am especially aware these days of how strongly our emotional wounds hold us back and even pull us into a grip that stops us from evolving into our true healed and constructive human potential. Our focus seems to be locked on revenge, greed, suffering or such destructive emotions and we lose our sense of co-operation to heal and help and live in harmony with each other and our earth. The result is that our psychological health is suffering and deterioration in the same way as our earth is showing signs of neglect and abuse. It is time to reconnect with ourselves and our true purpose. It is time to move out from the grip of our past hurts which maintains the vicious cycles of negativity in our personal and cultural lives. The time is ripe for change.

Maintain calmness with your breath by focusing on being present with yourself when you are challenged by emotional reactivity. The challenges we face tends to pull us into our past patterns of reactive defensiveness as our wounds resurface because of associations during our interaction with people and circumstances. Our defensive reactions towards these challenges drain our energy which are poured into people and circumstances that goes no-where. This makes us feel stuck as we dig ourselves deeper in the hole of repetitive hurt. Avoid the false reality of assumptions which comes from old wounds and also feeds these old wound-patterns. Liberate yourself from the negative patterns of the past by focusing on staying present, in the here and now, and on your life purpose. For that you need to be aware of your psychological and spiritual side not only your cognitive life. Our cognitive life fools us into believing that life is only about strife and survival of the fittest.

Trust yourself and the process of your unfolding life. Let go of your fear of abandonment and criticism of others. Be yourself and live with passion, always willing to learn and adjust as you become more enlightened about yourself and the path your life takes you on. Share yourself as you truly are with those who want to see and hear you. Be selective about the people you trust. They have to prove their consistent trustworthiness over time. You cannot change anyone. You cannot convince them of your opinion either. Allow people to find their own answers to questions, not yours. Allow everyone to do their own psychological work as you are doing your own.

All challenges teach us and are not punishments. Understand the message in the particular challenge and practice the teaching you discover by applying its principle in your everyday life in order to move forward and not stay in one place or sink into despair by repeating defensive reactions.

Jayni Bloch

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