My mind was occupied with the thought of pruning old roses off a rosebush after I saw the old dying ones in my garden over the weekend. I contemplated the importance of pruning all that is dying and not in bloom any longer. It is so important for physical as well as spiritual health and growth. There is a certain beauty in the old and dying. They serve as compost and seed for the new when we harvest their rich gifts. Dead roses can also halt new growth and pull the bush down with dead weight, just like our past ideas and beliefs can do to us. Whatever redundant concepts we hold on to, pull us down with heavy sensations.

The doorbell rang and a knife sharpener announced that he is there to sharpen all my knives and cutting tools if I needed to. Wonderful synchronicity! Three cooking knives are now sharp and ready to prepare nutritional food for my physical and spiritual growth. Three sharp-cutting garden tools are ready to prune whatever dead wood and weight needs to be released for compost, efficiently. The three swords of truth, love and insight, are sharp, ready and focused to do the same in my psyche.

Jayni Bloch

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