We continuously suffer hurt by those wounds that our emotional patterns draw us into. Holding on to negative emotions like bitterness and resentment is especially destructive…. it is a toxicity that seeps out and spills damage onto everything it touches. We are especially vulnerable to negativity when unremittingly bombarded by bad news programs and violent television shows with themes of retribution, revenge and ruthless competition. This attitude justifies our negative orientation and harms us and everyone around us. We have to turn our negativity around so that we and everyone can heal.

Our pain and suffering needs healing. Healing implies that we understand that every situation that upsets us is an opportunity to make a new choice in behavior that will either escalate conflict or resolve distress. It is totally up to us to stop pain or perpetuate it. Opposite to our negative reactions, responses and behavior that originates from good healthy, healing choices, frees us from negative emotional patterns. Our behavior can instead ripple out positive energy within and around us.

Heal your life; sing and dance and laugh, have fun and be creative. Appreciate life and Nature. Spread your joy and love. Be strong in your vision to restore the positive in your and everyone’s life.

The most difficult of all situations are when we don’t want to give up our negative feelings.  Holding onto them as if they were something precious that we might lose interferes with your happiness and health. When you just want to justify your anger, resentment or bitterness by venting about it, the pain is reinforced and it cycles in a never ending whirlpool that pulls us down. This scenario is easily recognized when someone rants their bitterness without wanting to learn anything about the underlying reasons for the unhappy situation. Such a situation becomes a dumping session that only brings temporary relief to the dumper and insults the person they dump on. Empathy should never be abused or disrespected. Remember, your friends are not junk yards where you can dump toxic emotions.

If you are interested in revenge, beating the competition or identifying yourself with being a victim, you cannot heal. Rather look at the underlying reasons why you feel the way you do and what about your attitude got you into the situation you resent in the first place. Be interested in healing and learning and understanding the scenarios from a spiritual healing process instead of your revenge and need for control over others. Take ownership of your situation and your feelings and start asking yourself how to choose responses that will heal you and those involved. Every emotional action and reaction you decide on can lead you either towards emotional freedom or towards emotional pain.

Love and Blessings to you.

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