I follow my soul wherever it leads – 14 September 2012

I am on my way to India. This is not just a trip. It is an exploration; an exciting opportunity, an adventure to discover a part of the world­­ and people that I know little about. I want to hear the story India has to tell my soul. Will she show me in her colors, the mysteries in her smells and tastes? Will her spices infuse me with her secrets?

India is not an easy country to get to form Canada. I slow down completely and force myself to be patient with the waiting and sitting on long flights in narrow spaces on airplanes. I am patient with my tiredness and my body’s craving to cuddle horizontally with the earth. To resist the temptation to be horizontal I imagine being held up by a string from the center of my head to keep it vertical like a dancer and somehow find rest in that pose. Already my comfort zone is demolished, but I allow the small space my body has to fit in to be its cocoon for now. I will follow my Soul’s lead whatever it takes me. I commit to adapt and follow the unexpected so I will see and hear that next awareness when it is ready to reveal itself. Every new sensation is an opportunity for new consciousness.

First morning in Bangalore – 16 September 2012

We arrived at one in the morning in Bangalore. The dim light outside as well as my tiredness allowed me only glimpses of old temples awkwardly holding their scattered sacred positions amongst extensive modern highway constructions from the taxi window.  The road was unfinished with no certain guidelines of any lanes. Cars indicated their approach and need to pass each other by hooting. Hooting seems to get the cars ahead to move slightly to one side for passing to be possible. The hooting is not aggressive; it is a polite hoot that announced a presence and the expectation of alertness to the presence where everyone shares the use of a space that serves as a road. Hooting is almost like a “hello, hello, I’m here next to you. O could you please moves a little to the side so I can get pass you…thanks” If hooting was more specifically coded it could easily be a beautiful language.


Wow, my taste buds are delighted by a dish that that fills my senses with joy, nourishment and comfort. Turmeric, curry and cumin with an array of other spices in a lentil and potato soup served with coconut and tomato chutney which I enjoy with Indian bread.

I will keep you updated……

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