Everyone on legs and wheels make space for each other to move along to their destinations, each at their different pace. People in India make space for all to be. All is welcome.

The traffic was heavy on the way to Nrityagram. A lot of hooting again. But hooting, like I described to you yesterday, is the word with an announcing message, “be aware of me next to you”. These giggly sounds all around the taxi buzzed the traffic along through narrow and broad parts of tarred and dirt road. Unlike honking – which leaves a sense of constriction on my throat as if been pushed –  hooting leaves lightness in my throat as if it tingles with alertness, almost like an anticipating giggle. There is a lightness in the living here; faces smiling and eyes speaking.

Nrityagram was closed when we got there. It is the festival of Ganesha and his mother. My disappointment was great. We will have to return when the festival is over. Time to adjust and accept.

View some photos at http://www.jaynibloch.com/india2012

2 thoughts

  1. Hi Jayni,
    I’m enjoying your blogs very much. If only we could successfully introduce “Hooting” to North America. -Wouldn’t that be a step in the right direction for our culture!
    Wishing you continued joy.


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