The Riddle in the Mirror – a Journey in search of Healing by Jayni Bloch has just been published and is available online at


What is this book all about?

  • All emotional hardship (personal, relational or cultural) contains the seed of healing in its riddle.
  • Hardship is the mirror that leads our attention to our inner psyche where we connect with our God-self for understanding and solutions, instead of focusing or blaming something or someone outside of us for our suffering.
  • Healing is possible when we act according to the internal spiritual guidance that directs our development according to archetypal principles.
  • Realize that our personal healing stops perpetuating our ancestral wounds in our children and is the primary way to contribute to the healing of humanity.
  • The author’s story is a metaphor for the readers’ own life stories, to inspire new ways of perceiving the meaning and evolution of life.

The Riddle in The Mirror illustrates that the practical application of spiritual principles manifests in actual events, which proves the reality of these unseen principles. The Riddle in The Mirror tells us how to use our history and current circumstances as a mirror that signposts direction for growth.
My story is not about me, but about every one of you who are searching for answers about your human suffering, whether you feel a victim or perpetrator in some way or other, and want to heal and change yourself and make the world a better place. Your personal healing contributes to the healing of the whole earth.The Riddle in the Mirror” was written to inspire you with hope and insight on your healing journey.
©Jayni Bloch – November 1, 2012

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