Another aspect of Healing is to experience Beauty by seeing it, manifesting it and sharing it… To see Beauty is about practicing to recognize life in its purest form. To see beauty is a creative act, because it requires us to include all the archetypal elements, earth, water, fire and air, at once and in harmony with each other in what we perceive. All the circumstances need to be aligned.

We have to look beyond the harsh side of pure form and concrete information; beyond the mystery of shadowy non-form chaos; beyond the sensational emotional affects stirred by the external presence of what we perceive, or by our internal interpretation of that presence. We need to look beyond our learned assumptions and conventional programmed interpretations. We have to reach beyond mind and language into the depth of spirit and soul where light beyond ourselves illuminates the essence of the light inside of that whatever we perceive.  The essence of the perceived is illuminated from the outside as well as protrudes from the inside of whatever is observed and we are able to perceive it purely and objectively. This pure perception is then expressed subjectively by our unique point of view which we share. All of these factors come together in specific moments when we know how to seek them out.

We first learn how to see beauty in artistic activities and then we practice the process as we apply it to every other observation and activity in our particular lives. We practice our skills in producing art so we can apply these skills of perception and creativity to general life. For instance, the art of photography helps me to connect with the creative aspects of the processes involved to create beautiful photos that has more to them than just being snapshots of objects, people and places. The photos are moments of experiences that I process which teaches me something about life, the outer world and the inner world. The process of photography, and specifically nature photography, brings me closer to the archetypal factors of Beauty itself. Notice that it is the process of photography and not the end product that is meaningful as a discovery process and experience of beauty. Beauty is essence; beauty is the true nature of what is perceived, the

recognition of what is. The ‘process’ is a practice in perceiving, acknowledging and becoming beauty and the photo a memory-product of that particular moment when everything came together. The photo is also a product of my electronic processing of the captured image in that moment. I assimilate the elements of my experience with my electronic tools to enhance the colors, shapes, light and shadows as the object revealed its qualities to me. Sometimes the captured image keeps on revealing qualities over time that I could not detect immediately as I process the image. This is the very same psychological process that takes place in our psyches when we process emotional or intellectual experiences. We just use in our minds and hearts instead of the computer.

The computer and its electronic tools has become the modern darkroom where the processing of photographs takes place. We work with light instead of chemicals these days which is an indication of our general evolution in consciousness. The creative process is still alchemical but more abstract because the medium we work with is light instead of chemicals. We are slowly discovering and becoming familiar through the eras of our human development with all the forces of life as we use them to practice awareness and creativity.

This photo is taken at Dusk.The light is soft but not yet colorful
This photo is taken at Dusk.
The light is soft but not yet colorful

Photographs are usually more successful when taken at sunrise and sunset, because the sun lights the world from an angle that produces color-rays that emphasizes the delicate qualities of the objects and terrain we are looking at, most clearly. It is like that magical moments just before you wake up in the morning when you are aware of the magnificence of the entire Universe where all and everything is connected and your soul communicates its symbolic messages most powerfully. In the same way that the rising or setting sun illuminates color qualities reflected in the external physical surroundings, so does the spiritual light just before you break through to waking consciousness illuminate internal qualities and spiritual awareness’s from the collective unconscious aspect in us. Once we move out of that mystical moment the material world comes in focus with harsher light that fades the softer and gentler colors and we lose the spiritual perspective to be able to function in the harsher reality of logic. We need both the spiritual and the material perspective to live life and constantly move back and forth between the two realities because we manifest physically what we learn on the spiritual level. Physical light as well as spiritual light makes it possible for us to ‘see’ out there as well as inside us. The one reality reflects the other.

This photo is taken as the sun rises and lights a red glow on the mountain. The foreground is still shades because the sun rays can still not reach the lower ground, only the highest mountain peaks.
Now the sun is higher and the light is brighter and hotter.
The sun is now too hot and the highlights is more washed.
And then the foreground lights up ...
And then the foreground lights up …

Which photograph do you prefer?

I hope you can now understand why I love photography as a modern art form and include it in my spiritual healing journey through life. I also hope you are inspired to do some kind of creative process in your life too as a way to connect with your spirit and soul. Creative processes are diverse and dynamic. It can happen through movement, like dancing or through writing, singing, gardening, hiking, drawing, painting, communicating and so much more. Beauty is the truth we find in the unexpected illumination of contemplating life exercises. Find what works for you and stimulates your unique creative energy.

Search for Beauty, See Beauty, Do Beauty and Be Beauty!

Blessings to you all.


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