Beauty unfolds when you start to ‘like’ what you do not like, because Beauty is Truth. Beauty is the whole story; all the parts of it. Beauty is the story of the Whole. Beauty is not only one aspect of the whole but the complete picture that contains all the processes of life in it.


In my previous blog entry I challenged you to choose one photo as your favorite. Today I want to challenge you again to ‘like’ the parts and aspects of the process of ‘changing light’ that you do not like; whether it is in a photograph or in your life! What do those parts tell you? What is the message; the truth they hold that you do not want to accept or like? I even want to challenge you to like the parts of yourself and your own life processes, maybe the dark and difficult parts, you do not feel comfortable with. They are just as much part of Beauty and the development of Beauty and Truth as the parts that you do like. The one cannot exist without the other.

The important thing is that we know and recognize reality and accept the aspects of challenging and growing life for the pleasant and the unpleasant, the likable and the dislikable, instead of ignoring or shunning them. Beauty is wholeness, the good the bad and the ugly, all in one. When we want to accept and experience only some parts that please us and not the other parts that scare us, we lose Beauty and miss the purpose of life – Wholeness. Wholeness is Health is Beauty.

Each aspect of life, as with each aspect of us, together contains truths within specific moments that contribute to all of existence as it contributes to our growth. Our experiences teach about each aspect we need to learn about and in the end we can put them together in a conscious way that makes sense and gives meaning.

Now, sometimes we are caught up in an unpleasant process that has us refuse to see the big picture while we live the difficulties. We get absorbed in the pain because we absolutely have to experience a particular focus of reality. But remember that very unpleasant experience contributes to the whole of the truth of who you are and are becoming. Use every experience like the different perceptions of light on a subject we perceive. What emotion does the light stir in you as you perceive the world and people around you? What does that tell you about what to attend to in yourself as a healing focus?

And then for some of us, life has taken us through enough already and it is time to put all the pieces together. How about trying to put all the parts together in a way that says it all; that describes the whole story?

This is your creative challenge. Creativity is also about assimilating meaning about you and your life. And what better way of doing that than looking at what you see and how you see it and what you make of what you see and how you use what you see to learn more about your truth of and life itself.

Wishing you Creativity and Beauty,

Jayni Bloch

2 thoughts

  1. I love reading and learning and thinking about your posts Jayni.  Thank you so much. You are a gift. Blessings to you! xoxo -Ruth



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