Let’s talk about values. Are you values influenced by conventional ideas and traditional or cultural conditioning about what will bring you happiness, or are they true to your true soul’s purpose?

Our values determine how we live your life, make choices and go after visions. You probably know how it feels to be been pulled into directions, pursuing goals, because of unconsciously accepting values which is not even your own. For instance, you have to be rich and famous or powerful. Without giving any conscious thought to it, you perhaps act on cultural or parental expectations and desires and the pressure of these objectives do not allow you to stop and think what your soul’s purpose or values truly are. Life becomes a treadmill battle to acquire the goals that do not bring your true purpose to fruition.

Without blinking, we easily go after the ideas pumped into our heads and hearts by media and the cultural attitudes of our era. Once we get to where those ideas lead, we find ourselves out of sorts, very unhappy and unfulfilled. This state of being is then branded as a ‘midlife crisis’, ‘burn-out’ or ‘depression’, when these values are not true to our life’s purpose. Please look deeper into the true meaning of your existence; why you are here on earth at this time.

It is apparent that our current collective attitude has become extremely materialistic. While there is nothing wrong with material possessions, our obsession to have money and material success is maintaining our focus and motivation to such an extent that it distracts us from our true destiny. We want for the sake of wanting and indulging. We have become greedy and in the course of our greed are harming the foundation that feeds our very life-force. For instance, our greed to take from the earth without attending to her recovery is exhausting her gifts; our greed is destructive towards each other and exhausting one another’s resources instead of inspiring them. We will eventually pay the price by suffering the consequences of depleted our precious natural and human resources. Be careful not to be tempted by glitter that distracts you from your souls’ true values and goals.

Everyone today tells me that they want to be rich; they want lots of money. Everyone wants to be a millionaire. Everyone wants to be famous too. What does that tell you about our values? I don’t hear anyone say I want everyone on earth to be happy and live in peace with each other? How-come we do not desire peace, harmony and health? In fact we don’t really seem to care about our neighbor? No, the focus is on ourselves alone and that which we consider our own. We have lost the sense of community and the fact that we have to live together and make the earth our home together. War and competition compels our greed to win and outwit each other and we destroy in the process. We have to take care of what is given to us to work with, and we have to learn to work with each other to do so. We might fight so much to look after ourselves, that we lose the very ‘stuff’ that we need to exist.

You true soul value is about your true gifts as a spiritual-human being. What do you have to develop so that you can give it back to life double and triple fold? What you are you good at and have learned in your life is what you share with everyone. Your true spirit gifts and talents enrich not only yourself but society and our earth, our whole universe. Are you developing, attending and nurturing these gifts and sharing them or are you out to only take from life? Our belief that life owes us something is about to destroy our existence and we have to realize that we co-create with life by working, giving and getting rewarded because of our true participation and not otherwise. We need to get back in touch with the laws of Nature and Spiritual truths. We have lost our place on the map of life. We use human ego-force, instead of the principles of Life, to survive which is removed from the reality of how to maintain life positively. We squander and destroy ourselves others and our earth with our greed instead of create, grow and heal.

We can change the world together by inspiring ourselves and all those around us to bring out the very best of our talents. We have to look deeper into the meaning of our existence. Everyone is unique and have a unique contribution to make to humanity. It is imperative to allow everyone to participate in positive ways, not destructive ways, to benefit all.

It is not what you know or what you have in material worth that benefits you; it is how you use what you know and have developed in your life, as a soul-spirit being, to benefit everyone around you that is of true value.

Blessings to you on your journey,


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