Free Hayhouse Radio Online Event on June 13, 3 to 4 pm EDT.  –

I will be talking about looking into the mirror of your life with the objective to understand how reality reflects unconscious truths from your spiritual perspective.

You will be able to liberate yourself from your repetitive behavior patterns that keep your emotional wounds alive. You will learn skills to help you solve the riddles of your emotional distress to release your true human-spiritual potential.

This Live Online Event, will support you to discover more about:
– Understanding how the mountain-of-struggles can activating healing power
– How to ask questions
– What awareness is
– How to recognize messages, themes and signs
– How to find your ‘drop-of-god’
– Waking your spiritual consciousness
– The difference between ego-talk and divine messages
– Identifying themes your carry from your past
– What is the bigger picture
– Walking your talk
– Stepping into the abyss by following your spiritual wisdom
– How to love yourself unconditionally
– How to act with courage

Hope to talk to you soon:-)

Love and Blessings,


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