The Archetypes do not stand in isolation from each other. They merge and intersect and complete each other, operating as one whole. Our life experiences help us discover and learn truths about these aspects one at a time. We recognize and learn to understand the parts of the whole though our particular Archetypal challenges and then assimilate them with each next needed growth and evolutionary phase in consciousness.  Every challenge confronts us to uncover and strengthen resources that serve as the foundation for further growth. We are unconsciously and consciously striving for wholeness through growth.

© Jayni Bloch

So far the workshop evenings turn out to be an excellent event for deep contemplation of how the archetypes manifest in our lives. We are all experiencing true and deep insights that shift our psychological perspective and relieve our emotional conflicts, besides the logical understandings we gather. Many of the workshop participants have spiritual experiences that touch them deeply with shifts that they have been searching and longing for over the years.

The weekly sessions is a perfect tempo to present the Archetypes in and help all the participants to process and contemplate each evening’s information and questionnaire designed for further internal work, before the next step is taken the following week with a new archetypal theme. In this way there is a natural progression that simulates life changes, growth and insights.

I am truly delighted to present this work in this way.

Blessings to you all,

Jayni Bloch

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