The healing process is a lifelong one that occurs in stages over time. Instant cures do not make the cut no longer. We cannot heal with quick ideas or what we think of as immediate rational solutions.

Short term remedies do not cut it. You have to accept your participation in the progression of your psyche over time. Then, you see the significance of your movement towards understanding and insight that helps you make choices that changes your behavior over time. We need to exercise a practice of observation together with the use of information of primary principles for us to make sense of what happens to us. Our evolution and transformation develops over time where consciousness is a necessary component in this process. Consciousness combines the components of ‘focus of our attention to observe meaningful symbolism’ in a neutral manner, as well as an understanding of the primary archetypal growth-guiding principles. Then we get insight to make and practice appropriate behavioral choices and learn to love and accept the processes of life itself.

Hold all your observations over a period of time as factors of an archetypal principle that becomes clearer and reveals itself when the elements of observation start to combine into a soul message. A kind of ‘click’ (a connecting of the dots) happens that supports the process of growth and it unfolds when we attend to observing the subtleties that occur after asking questions about our discomforts. Healing is a process where our soul guides us towards wholeness over time. It is a gradual and fascinating process and never quick. There are indeed instant moments but the overall process is a life long evolution.


Jayni Bloch

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