A creative and life changing experience in self-development.
This workshop is for you who are interested in psychological growth and healing.

Learn how your personality works and develops.
Learn how to move through, and identify, the cycles of life that challenges your development throughout your lifetime.

Join me for two hours every Monday Evening, starting on Monday September 30, 2013, (7 pm till 9 pm) for 9 weeks, learning, discovering and experiencing the archetypes that are present in your personal life.

September 30, 2013; Mothering
October 07, 2013; Creativity
October 14, 2013; Fathering
October 21, 2013; Education: How we learn and teach
October 28, 2013; Choice and Balance (How do we achieve Equilibrium)
November 04, 2013; Mastery and Temptations
November 11, 2013; Trust
November 18, 2013; Healing
November 25, 2013; Individuation and Celebration

Fee: The fee for the complete workshop is $855 (claimable as Group therapy under psychological services from your additional medical insurance) this means that you pay $ 95 for two hours every evening of dedicated healing and information.
Every week you will receive a questionnaire after the workshop that prompts contemplation and awareness of your specific circumstances. The questionnaire usually stimulates wonderful insights and understanding with the help of the information you receive at the workshop.
Payment is made in full on the first day. If you prefer to pay as you go the fee is $110 per night. You have to commit to the full series of nine weeks whether you attend or not. If you cannot attend for some reason, you will still receive the notes of the workshop evening that you missed, but paid for.

Reserve your place now: kpc@genian.net or 613 599-0937

What people say about this workshop:

  • “Thank you Jayni for the beautiful workshop! It challenged me in ways that surprised me.”
  • “Hi Jayni! Thank you for the beautiful gift of wisdom you have shared with everyone! I am thoroughly enjoying and devouring every single word of it.”
  • “Hi Jayni: Monday night was a wonderful evening. Your questions give me food for thought. I am learning to hear my inner voices – and acknowledge where it is coming from.  I recognize now that I am allowed to be loved and nurtured and I am trying to give that to myself.  I am finding that your workshops are taking me deeper into the self-development practices that I am constantly working on.”

Best Regards,


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