Fall is upon us with its intense colors, beautiful light and mild temperatures. These conditions usually prompt a mood of contemplation in me. ‘Contemplation’ is very different to rationalization in that contemplation allows creative illumination to happen while rationalization uses rational arguments alone to regulate conclusions. When we interact with Nature, ‘Divine’ or each other on a creative level we hold openness for understanding in the creative space that is generated between us. ‘New’ ideas, concepts and thoughts come to us from an unexpected creative source in that space generated from the creative interaction between the parts that connect.

I realize how important interaction and connection is for creativity. It is the interaction with You, Nature and ‘Divine’ that activates my creativity. Interaction is a creative process, that is if it is dynamic and authentic; when all the participants are truly heard and respond honestly towards each other something new happens and THAT is creativity.

Creativity is really experiencing life in the moment. It is life itself – very dynamic, real, new and true in the moment. Creativity is not repeatable in the exact same way it happened before, because it applies only to the very moment that it happens in. Every new moment is a new creative experience. Like life itself, creativity lives in movement and development.

What ‘new’ does this moment of interaction bring to you? Interaction births the new. If not, it is stuck in repetitiveness of old ideas and needs new life through openness for the dynamic creation that happens when we connect authentically.

Love and Blessings,


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  1. Hi, I find your blog very interesting and informative, resonating very much with my interests and research in creativity, social support and mental health, including mindfulness and meditation. Best wishes, Roberta


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