Our search for truth takes us through journeys of studying bodies of knowledge, theories, history and philosophies in books and through teachers, until we discover ‘truth’ is relative and yet there are absolute but dynamic principles at the same time. There is order in the universe as well as ‘chaotic’ possibilities of growth and expression. We discover this reality about truth through our personal experiences which confirms some universal divine principles that resonates its relevant to us especially during a particular place and time in our lives. The formal bodies of logical knowledge are always only complementary with the illuminations that lie beyond pure reason, which is mostly vast in possibilities and unquantifiable. We all have such experiences of illumination from time to time that does not explain events from a logical perspective.

The spiritual aim of our life is for us to open ourselves for such observations and awareness’s in our experiences which can guide us towards dynamic and creative possibilities of growth and development. These kinds of observations may lead to discoveries of truthful insights that combine logic with Spiritual meaning.

Reason sometimes stands in the way of this kind of Spiritual meaning or creative illumination, which comes from our spiritual-Self. Rationalization can prove or disprove anything and is a defense-mechanism that protects our egos from moving beyond our own fears and limitations. It has its place and should not be shunned but it can also cause us to resist the unknown and unfamiliar. Therefore we may hold ourselves back from advancing beyond our limitations by keeping ourselves in repetitive patterns of behavior and ideas through reason. Reason derives and relies on human intellectual skill. We want to use our intellect, while we also connect with our Spiritual faculty; not the one without the other, otherwise we cannot move beyond human formulae.

Spiritual growth and healing is not about cognitive knowledge alone, but about accepting and recognizing lessons or spiritual themes in our life struggles and experiences. We recognize these lessons in the symbolism of the universal themes of our encounters that serve as a divine mirror that reflects and illuminates Spiritual truths. These ‘illuminations’ challenges us to act and practice an alignment between our ego and our spiritual truth. This practice helps us transform and grow to become whole. Wholeness is a state of cooperation and connection between our ego and our Divine-Self. Recognizing the Divine Universal themes in our experiences and conflicts provokes our awareness in developing qualities that contribute to the enhancement of all life. Logical understanding together with a willingness to receive revelation is equally employed and do not stand alone or on its own. We grow beyond our ego strategies, when we include our spiritual-Self to illuminate us through receiving the messages in symbolism, by allowing our experiences to speak its truths. We permit the opportunities for this to happen by neutral observation – without assumptions or judgments – and a willingness to receive the answers rather than figuring them out on ego’s terms. Remember our ego is the vehicle of the divine. When our ego operates on its own terms it becomes locked into survival and therefore defensive mode which keeps us in a repetitive and non-growing state.

Archetypes cannot be pinned down in exact measurements or logical terms. Themes and symbolism is another language we need to become familiar with that speaks of a truth beyond the egocentric world we are generally acquainted with. Experience teaches us to recognize some of the archetypal concepts.

Arguments can be faultlessly logical but not necessarily true. In symbolism it is the purpose, spiritual meaning or function of the experience that counts and the truth can therefore be exactly opposite to the logical argument. Symbolism is qualitative rather than quantitative. For instance, the logical argument tells us that a part is less than the whole, whereas in symbolism the meaning can be the opposite in that a part is greater that the whole.

Each Archetype represents a specific signature of spiritual energy that connects the different parts and potentialities of human experiences to your soul’s evolution and to the Divine source of creation. These Archetypal essences influence our personalities in the way it adjust and handle life in general and it contains the teachings and potential for true Self-expression. We resonate more with certain archetypes than others during particular times because we learn from that particular vantage point onwards and assimilate the complete possibilities of life experiences, one after the other (and sometimes more than one). It shapes the way we think, act, the way our bodies moves, our defense mechanisms, what motivates us and how we find meaning.

Our participation in consciousness and Spiritual evolution helps us gain new perspective on the meaning of our lives and we contribute our creativity to the benefit of all.

It is indeed our limitations that support our expansion, our incompetency’s that stimulates our abilities to excel, and our wounds that engage our healing power.



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