Find yourself in ‘Nine Faces of God’ in 2014

Jayni Bloch, a registered psychotherapist and the author of The Riddle in the Mirror, a Journey in search of Healing, is presenting you with an opportunity to participate in a remarkable journey of personal discovery. This life changing experience puts you in touch with the original principles of Life that informs you of your life purpose.

A Workbook, that contains summaries of all the Workshop material, Questions to contemplate and Practical Exercises that furthers your spiritual healing and growth is available for purchase at the workshop.

This Workshop is based on Jayni’s exploration and experience over 35 years.

Contact Jayni, if you are interested in her presenting the Nine Faces of God Workshop in your area?

Jayni will come to journey with you through the Archetypes anywhere in the world.

Contact her at jayni.bloch

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