The willpower we use should not be employed in doing what we desire most from our automatic, instinctive or cultural training, but in doing the thing that we need most to do but find most difficult to do and which we resist because we think we don’t want to do that. For instance, when we put all our effort into obtaining a goal that keeps on avoiding us, it is a sure sign that we are aiming our effort in the wrong direction. When our efforts keep on resulting in unwanted consequences, we need to direct our efforts in the direction where our spirit most need to go, which we are often blind to and our ego impulses resist with defense mechanisms like rationalizations, avoidance, projection and so on.

How do we know what our spirit-soul needs, rather than our human ego needs, are? We release ourselves into accepting our current state completely. That does not mean that we just stay where we are with no ambition. We have to ‘hear’ what that current state is teaching us before we can move out of it without avoiding and resisting it. Our spiritual ambition is to grow, heal and become the true Self that expresses our full potential. The trouble is that we do not ‘see’ our full true spiritual potential when we look into the wall of our culturally conditioned beliefs about ‘who’ we ought to be and what we ‘think-believe’ will make us happy. What we ‘think-believe’ makes us happy is what keeps us in slavery. We are enslaved by the rules we have adopted as ideas about who we are instead of finding our true selves. Our Spirit-souls are talking so loud to us in the discomfort of the unsatisfactory outcomes of our efforts, and yet we cannot ‘hear’ it above the noise of our commitments to the family cultural programs filled with ideas and conditioning we are trapped in.

Try to ask yourself how you can expand your life by moving into action in the very direction you fear most. This is usually the opposite of what you expect from yourself because of your conditioning which keeps revolving your emotional wound. If you wanted to be wealthy, for instance, try to see how qualities beyond the material enrich you and express your new concept of your personal ‘abundance’ generously. If you desire partnership, first fully appreciate how single life can be fulfilling and how it promotes value to your life. Use it completely and learn to understand the true meaning of equal partnership and what it looks like to you, while you enjoy being single. If you desire social status, try to appreciate being socially irrelevant and how this condition promotes your personal understanding of contributing your worth in society.

Our emotional slavery is linked to the patterns we are meant to change which are also connected to our family and cultural conditioned patterns that keeps us entangled with our emotional wounds.

When we put the efforts of our will-power towards action that defies our impulses, we experience free choice for the first time ever. We fool ourselves thinking that we have choices, or freedom for that matter, when we operate according to the automatic conditioned patterns forced by our unconsciously imprinted ideas and beliefs, which only puts us on a treadmill of familiar and repeated effort, beliefs and outcomes. True freedom is moving with action in the direction away from our automatic instinctive desires, to find that we then actually obtain what we most deeply needed without having to force the issues so much.

Blessings  to you all,


One thought

  1. I forgot to add….Approach your fear with such courage that you enter it completely and utterly to the extent that you become it and the circumstances of it. When the circumstances of your fear do not provoke any fear in you, you have become ready to move in the direction needed and not the direction of your compulsion. That moment is the one of freedom and freedom of choice. Greetings to you all, 🙂 Jayni


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