We need to find and accept our inner ‘Power’ so that we can assert boundaries when it is needed; like the story where Jesus threw the merchant’s tables over in anger of them making money at the temple where they were abusing people’s sentiments. Power is used to protect and hold boundaries stable, not to overwhelm or intrude others with threat and manipulation. Usually, people who threaten and manipulate others, only respect other people when those they threaten retaliate with an equal ‘power’ against them. Anyone who abuses their internal power over others needs to learn to respect boundaries by experiencing the retaliation of others power over them. Manipulative people understand the impact of their behavior on others easier when they are treated in an assertive manner. Power is the language they know best.

Injustice is felt by everyone who suffers someone’s disrespectful attitude for personal and social boundaries. Abusive and invasive behavior is a form of destructive power and a lack of compassion. The injustice from people who abuse their power, even if it originates from fear of their own vulnerability, is only countered by experiencing others forceful reproach. When they do not experience the reactive assertive behavior from others, they do not learn to respect others boundaries and are usually enabled to continue their abusive behavior. The problem is that aggression can become a vicious and vindictive cycle between people, and this can escalates destructive behavior. However it is necessary to be able to assert yourself against unnecessary control by others. You can only be the ‘peacemaker’ when you have been the ‘outlaw’. The pressure we put on ourselves to be ‘good’, do not allow us the opportunity to experience the ‘bad’ sides of ourselves or to assert our powerful sides. The ‘shadow’ sides are very necessary to know and accept…only then can we authentically reach something loveable inside us through the Divine compassion that comes through us towards the ‘bad sides of ourselves….we cannot jump the steps….

The problem with power is that it gets misused and abused easily by our ego sides, because it creates a sense of invincibility and control over others that is a temptation for our human nature, especially when we are in leadership positions. We can really hurt and wound people terribly who are vulnerable and sensitive. Our psyches are also beat and exhausted from all the various forms of leaders in society, throughout history, that have abused their ‘power’ because of their positions. It takes great courage and strength to not abuse ones power, especially when one has the power of knowledge, experience, finances, sex, status or leadership. Resources give us power and are power.

This is why power is a spiritual gift and not to be used for force over others or in any other harmful way that is destructive to the human soul.

When this archetype is an important theme in your life, you find that you are challenged by authorities or controlling and manipulative people. ‘Unfairness’ may occur in many ways in your life which can trigger revengeful thoughts in your heart, or  make you want to use you own ‘power’ to get back in some way or other. You might even be the one who exercises authority and abusive behavior over others and find it turning on you later in life. But at the end of the day, the emotional experiences around this archetype urges you to get in touch with and develop the power of ‘trust’ in the divine power that manifest and expresses itself inside you and through you to protect and serve others with leadership and guidance to shelter and safeguard those in your care. Finding (digging out) resources, whether it is energy, willpower, money, information understanding, the truth, is what power is all about. And it takes a lot of courage and strength to find it and this leads to Trust in the Divine side within you. Trust means that you are safe and that life holds you safe; that there is meaning to life and that you will always have emotional and spiritual resources available to you for everything you need to evolve heal and grow.

You contribute to TRUST when you use power positively. You have to find TRUST in life and yourself to reestablish your relationship with power in a balanced way.

If this archetype stimulates an inner growth experience, you might have to powerfully confront yourself with a mistaken choice in your life that needs to be corrected. Exercise great courage to shift directions, and trust the inner resources available to you. These resources will never run out, even if you have to lose all and start again in some way. When the power it takes to do this comes from your God-self, you can know and trust that you are never destitute and always filled with creative resources.


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