When we are young we march against injustices, but as we mature we learn to walk like Mandela, because of the circumstances life force on us. The slower and more meditative we walk, the deeper our spiritual insights and the more profound our inner change. The deeper our perspective and more sincere our spiritual awareness, the further our internal change ripples beyond ourselves. We see that clearly now, even more so than earlier in Mandela’s life history. At first we did not get it fully….we did not have the complete picture and detailed history to inform us. I am totally overwhelmed by Mandela’s life and history and cannot stop absorbing information about him to contemplate the meaning of his example on not only me but on the world! What an amazing affect one man can have on the entire world!

The last time I felt so stirred in my heart about an open display of compassion between all people of different beliefs, color and cultures, was when Madiba was released from prison and shortly thereafter became the first fully democratically elected president of SA. I remember that time vividly and how he affected us all towards compassion for each other. I remember with tears rolling down my cheeks that THIS is how life ought to be! But that energy did not last long, because we were not all at the spiritual place of compassion that Mandela was. There was still a lot of healing to do and a lot of anger and wounds that needed to heal.

And now, there is once again, only much bigger this times, such significant compassion amongst everyone in the world with Mandels’ departing from this world. Wow, what a difference one person’s life can make when they have a Loving heart and a principled Spirit! Wow, what a true Leader and example Madiba is and will always be to bring together all people of all differences and make us all feel like one family, which we actually are. He certainly makes me feel, and I notice everyone else feel, as if we know him intimately. His compassion, and his comprehensive understanding, has that effect on us….that is probably why we cannot stop taking about him. I hope that we, as the world, catches up with him in our ability to forgive and have true compassion for each other that we can also demonstrate in our lives and not only speak of it.

Nelson Mandela certainly demonstrated this healing journey to us with his life and the more we learn about this life the more we understand the significance of growing and changing through contemplation and a commitment to act bravely but compassionate on principles.

I ask you the same question as I ask myself. How do I perceive and use my own human circumstances to transform myself using spiritual principles? By recognizing the spiritual challenges in my human situations, change is possible that affect not only me but everyone I associate with to the benefit of all; for the higher good of life. If you and I have the courage like Nelson Mandela to start a personal healing process where we allow ourselves spiritual revelation and understanding, we can all live peacefully; we will be able to see our face in the faces of our enemies and live compassionately, like Madiba demonstrated.

Mandela was a man with a collective calling which he obeyed. His true legacy is that he lived by example according to spiritual principles that enhanced life for humanity. He indicated the way now its up to us…

Now it is our turn to continue healing ourselves and humanity.

Thank you Nelson Mandela for your loving and graceful leadership and moral guiding spirit…..we will always love you for the great gift you have given humankind….the teaching of love, equality, respect and peace….

Love and Blessings to you all,


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