Presented by Jayni Bloch, Kanata Psychotherapy Centre

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Just beneath the surface of our logical everyday lives lies a profound and magical reality that it is only seen when reflected upon. Observations of our sensory experiences find meaning and clarity in reflection within the framework of symbolism and mythology. That is when the world becomes that ‘mirror’ upon which we reflect to see our true inner reality and the meaning of our lives.

Introspection is supported by background knowledge of mythology and depth symbolism that accesses the profounder geniuses of our psyche. Reflection becomes then an important daily ritual to integrate experiences meaningfully which then assists our attitude for handling daily life with focus and perspective. Life stays mundane and secular without deeper reflection upon the symbolism that gives our experimental reality depth, meaning and focus.

March Workshop Schedule:

Join me for three hours every Weekday evening from Monday starting on March 17, 2014, (6 pm till 9 pm) till March 21 for in depth learning, discovering and experiencing the archetypes in your personality and life. This workshop is limited to 10 participants.

Session 1   – March 17, 2014 – Understanding the importance of Archetypes
* What are Archetypes? Why do they matter?

Session 2   – March 18, 2014 – All about Relating to self and Others
*How do we Nurture ourselves and others?
*What is Creativity and how do we access it?
*How do we Belong to our community?

Session 3   – March 19, 2014 – All about going out into the World
*Why do we have to Learn and when do we Teach?
*What is Choice and Balance?
*How do we Master our emotions?

Session 4   – March 20, 2014 –Refining our Personality-Spirits according to higher Principles
*What is Trust?
*How do we Heal?
*What does it mean to be a Multidimensional Individual?

Session 5   – March 21, 2014 – Celebration
*Putting it all together into a clear map

This workshop is a creative and life changing experience in self-development that informs you of a practical symbol-system that supports introspection.
If you are interested in psychological growth and healing, you will learn who you are and how you develop through your life’s challenges. Learn to recognize and identify these challenges and how to approach them with powerful healing action when they appear.

Summer Workshop Schedule is exactly the same except for the dates: every Weekday evening from Monday starting June 9, 2014, (6 pm till 9 pm) till Friday June 2, 2014. This workshop is limited to 10 participants.
Reserve your place now: or 613 599-0937

Fee for the March and Summer Workshop is $1425 per person. The fee per hour is $95 (a total of 15 hours and more) and can be reimbursed from your additional health insurance (claimed as Group therapy under psychological services from your additional medical insurance). All workshop notes are included.
After each workshop session you will receive a worksheet and questionnaire that prompts contemplation that will help clarify the meaning behind your specific current and past circumstances. The questionnaire usually stimulates insights and understanding that supports your healing journey. Payment is made in full on the first day as a sign of commitment to the full process.
Reserve your place now: or 613 599-0937.

What are archetypes?
Archetypes are symbolic themes that are recognizable in personalities and experiences. They are the core qualities that we find in all of life in the universe. The concept of Archetypes is as old as all the old wisdoms and ancient mystery teachings throughout all the ages as they appear in all cultures and civilizations. Archetypes affect people of all times and all cultures in the world. They are aspects of our psyche as well as the cosmic order. These universal themes were called ‘Archetypes’ by C. G. Jung, but are known by all ancient wisdom seekers.

Archetypes indicate unfolding processes that are part of our developing consciousness and are our map of a bigger picture in the evolutional unfoldment of humankind. When we work consciously towards an understanding of how we relate to these archetypes, they teach us about the meaning and purpose behind our struggles. They also teach us about human differences and similarities and why that is. This workshop on Archetypes is meant to help you find meaning, understanding and purpose in your life and help you grow and heal.
© Jayni Bloch


  • “Thank you Jayni for the beautiful workshop! It challenged me in ways that surprised me.”
  • “Hi Jayni! Thank you for the beautiful gift of wisdom you have shared with everyone! I am thoroughly enjoying and devouring every single word of it.”
  • “Hi Jayni: Monday night was a wonderful evening. Your questions give me food for thought. I am learning to hear my inner voices – and acknowledge where it is coming from.  I recognize now that I am allowed to be loved and nurtured and I am trying to give that to myself.  I am finding that your workshops are taking me deeper into the self-development practices that I am constantly working on.”

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