All that we have in us – all that we are – is both dangerous and beautiful simultaneously. When we are asleep we are not only beautiful but we are dangerous too – and we need to know that. When we think we are only beautiful or only want to be beautiful and only accept our beautiful potential and not our dangerousness, we are asleep. Our egos defend against knowing the dangerousness in us by rationalizing our behavior. When we cannot perceive our dangerousness, we cannot perceive our true beauty either, because what we perceive is what we want to be not what we are. From the egos’ point of view we only see what we desire or fear.

This is why we need to know all that we are capable of and surrender to the Higher Powers to manifest through us in our awareness’s, growth and guidance.  Being unconscious about our dangerousness moves our behavior in that very same direction that we deny in ourselves. Once we recognize the part of ourselves that we deny – that part which can be dangerous – and how it is dangerous, we have an opportunity to become beautiful because of awareness, acceptance, choice and surrender.

Surrender is an opening of our hearts to invite Higher Power to work through us. Surrender is to give up what we know or do through our own power. We know all of the parts in us, its dangers and its beauty, and then we surrender to not rely on ourselves. We never doubt the movement that Higher Power requires, because it stirs what it needs to stir to wake us up and keep us awake. When Higher Power moves through us to transform us, it might make our egos feel used, controlled, powerless, fearful or humiliated. We usually defend ourselves against this feeling but we also know that that is what the ego does and we observe our defensiveness but do not stay in it. We are so much more than ego – not in and of ourselves. Exercise the courage to not only listen to the ego’s defensiveness but to the striking truth of dangerous possibilities we contain in our personalities. We become whole when we connect with Higher Power and silently and courageously awaits its messages and insights and love.

We discover true power and leadership only when we find how we use our power dangerously.
We discover true loyalty when we learn how dangerously disloyal we really are.
We discover true love when we realize how incapable we are to fully love. And these are just a few examples of the possibilities we contain.

Embrace yourself completely like the most perfect parent, which only exists as Divine Love that is in you too, who loves you unconditionally.

Blessings to you,


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