Join me this June in a Fun and Interactive Workshop, using images to discover your personal Archetypes:
A whole new world of creativity and insight opens up about your life purpose and the reason for your challenges and how they inspire your growth and healing as you are assisted to understand and create your personal archetypal images in a creative and interactive experience.
All of existence, including our psyches, consists of Archetypal designs in the same way that the periodic table of Elements describes the consistency of the chemical structure of our material life. These archetypal patterns are our personal windows through which we are predisposed to view and experience life. As we perceive our lives, colored by the perceptual lenses of the specific archetypes we resonate with by analyzing the patterns of myth that our lives demonstrate in our personal history, we become conscious of our purpose. The Archetypal patterns contain the mystery of the spiritual lessons that enable us to make true choices in our actions and reactions to life.

We are all connected to all the archetypes and need to know just how closely we are linked and affect each other. By living with consciousness about the purpose of the original archetypes and how they connect us to the entire universe, we are more able to co-create our personal and the collective future.

Please reserve your place now by contacting me at or or 613 599-0937




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