My Spirit gives me dreams at times when I have to clearly register a message that will enhance my awareness. The dream highlights a message by focusing my attention attitude and choices in practical life. This kind of communication usually carries a specific theme of learning during a certain time of emotional-spiritual development. For instance the dream I discuss here highlights the importance of observing the wild animal-like aspects or shadow parts of my unconscious as wonderful guides and angels on my path to consciousness and healing. This is a general teaching that points to the fact that these parts are powerful energies that need to be respected but treated with strength, courage and compassion. Whatever I do on the internal level I also do on the external level in the world and people around me.
My dream: I am in Scandinavia (never been there in actual reality) in a very remote location. We are being taken to an even more isolated area north of the continent to observe a special mystical event. The shapes and forms of wild horses appear in the sky and start to fill the heavens. Somehow I sense that these wild horses are actually Angels. They came down to talk to me and others; anyone who would listen. Their messages are not conveyed in language. It is their mystical presences that tell meaningful stories appropriate to every individual who is open to hear whatever it is that they need to know in that moment about themselves to grow. At first I frantically take photographs of the magical phenomenon, but I realize that I am missing out on the ‘experience’. I want to engage with the energy and experience the miracle of the horse-angel figures all around me and in the sky. I stop taking photos and participate in the wonderful peace filling happening. A feeling of acceptance, love, nurturing, appreciation and acknowledgement fills me. The air is bursting with tender magnificence.
I woke up remembering a story I read in Parabola (a magazine; about ill-treated horses that became wild and vicious. They could only be trained by mentors with special personality qualities. The article describes these horse-whisperers to be powerful and sensitive at the same time, just like horses are. The wild horse in training, especially when they have been ill-treated, possesses a dangerous power that can destroy and hurt. The trainer has to match the horse’s power equally to be able to train them with love and disciple and not violence or disrespect. Power is not a controlling force but a sensitive appreciation that deeply respects and loves. The trainer’s compassion and spiritual power brings out the compassion and constructive supremacy of the horse. If the horse is disrespected their power turns destructive. This principle applies to people too. The horse that is trained by a respectful trainer can rely on the fiercely eternal loyalty of the horse and the horse in the same loyalty and care of the trainer. A mutual respect develops from sensitive power.
There are parts of us that are like these wild damaged horses that needs to be heard and faced with courage and spiritual power. These wild horses, the shadow sides in us, become angels that teach us, when we regard them with power and not control or fear. We learn to co-operate with the wild, sometimes damaged parts of ourselves, to become healed champions.
The greatest danger after having mastered our inner wild horses is the temptation to go back to acting with disrespect and ego authority instead of spiritual compassion. The power that is needed to tame wild horses is not ego power; it is a spiritual power that is based in love and respect. Mastery is about humble service for the highest good of all. Mastership is the renunciation of and the triumph over others and a personal temptation and desire for control. This story and dream about the wild horses is a helpful reminder of how to not only treat my own inner shadows but anyone that gives me grief or challenges my capacity to react destructively according to survival instinct.

Because of your courage, power and compassion, all your inner wild beasts will turn to angel-guides on your journey towards healing.

Blessings to you,



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