Dreams and visions have always been important to me because they have always communicated deep guidance from the questions that I ask Life during the different stages of my life.
I turned 60 this year and found myself burnt out and exhausted after 17 years of very hard work, but also positive accomplishments, since immigrating to Canada. I eventually completed and published my book, The Riddle in the Mirror, and my work on archetypes and symbolism has also been presented in workshops to promote understanding of our psychological and spiritual healing processes. My husband, Gerald, and I came to a point where we both needed a break and reorientation, so we decided to re-group by doing absolutely nothing for four weeks. I must tell you that that is the hardest thing to do for two very productive perfectionists!
During our break, we slept a lot and went for long walks. Photography, writing and all work was put on the back-burner. I contemplated sewing and painting again, but no creativity was possible in such an exhausted state. I used the only energy I had to provide good healthy food that helped us lose the couple of unnecessary pounds we added to our strain during the past winter. The rest, light exercise and healthy nutrition were the right recipe to put us back in touch with our truest Selves. I started to dream again!
During our long walks, we often spoke about ‘what next?’ where do we go from here with our lives? I have learned during my 60 years of living life that even though my extreme willpower and dedication can force life into directions that logically seems positive for me, those forced interventions are usually contrary to where my Spirit wants to go. This fact has been proved over and over in my history. My destiny is not a rational, purely self-serving or a conventional one. My Higher Self always leads me to unexpected destinies that involve doing and understanding healing processes that serves my own life, family and ancestors as well as everyone I serve in my profession.
Turning 60 feels like a turning point in my life. I know that new clarity is busy unfolding that will help refine what I am doing in my life. I wait for that guidance, knowing that it will appear and that it will lead me step by step into the appropriate direction, as it always does.
A couple of times during our rest period I got great insights that took me by surprise and revealed significant truths, previously hidden to me, that I needed to know before moving forward with my life (more about that later). It is as if I experienced a ‘rebirth’. A new and fresh aspect of my true identity, even more true that before, became shockingly clear. That truth seems to keep on expanding and refining over the years. It took me 60 years to be so clear about who I truly am! The recent revelations were so significant and I realized how interesting consciousness affects our multidimensional understanding of ourselves. The more we heal and learn and are willing to learn and heal, the more is revealed to us that radicalize all the assumptions we used to build our reality on preciously. The only thing that stays true is that we keep on changing and growing, if we wish to do so.
Then, I had a dream last night. At first it felt too simple to be of any significance, but dreams are never trivial.
The dream: ‘My father took me on a journey to a place where I had to get to my own car where I had to travel further to another destination. At that point I was not quite clear where that destination was, but I know that we were pressed for time. When we got to my car, I realized that I have forgotten my car keys, as well as my cellphone. We tried to phone my mother who stayed behind at home, to see if she could bring the keys to where my car was so that we did not have to go back all the way or lose time on the next part of the journey. But we could not connect with my mother. She did not answer the phone which left us frustrated and in a predicament.’
I realized that connecting to my ’mother’ (both my parents are diseased) is the key to the next stage of my journey! It is She (Archetypal Mother), the sensitive, intuitive, all feeling loving side of myself, who can give me access to my keys! I realized that my ‘father’, (Archetypal Father) the rational, willful and active part of myself, was the main contributor whom I relied on to take me to the place where I can go beyond where I came from (home), on my own distinct journey. But, I had forgotten my keys to my car which makes that journey possible. My cellphone which keeps me in touch with my family and ancestors has also been forgotten. I have focused so much on the destination that I have forgotten the tools that makes my journey possible.
Confirming what I already knew, but did not fully live, my Higher Self is telling me to connect with my ‘Mother’ and allow her to contribute and support me, just as I allowed my ‘Father’ to support me, to make it possible to continue on the next step of my journey.
The ‘keys’ to the next step in my journey forward is also the next step in my healing process, which is to accept my ‘Mother’s’ nurturing support and affection. My injured assumptions are that she is unavailable to help with finding and getting the ‘keys’ to me. But this is part of my wounded perceptions that created the concept that I could not rely on her, and is in need of healing. I heal that perception by accepting that all-loving Archetypal Mother is with me. I allow my Mother to speak and connect with me now in her loving and nurturing way. I accept and receive her love. She is no longer ignoring me because I accept her love. She gives me all the help and support I need to have all the keys and tools for my journey forward.
The most significant keys are now revealed. Her Love and His Light is in me. I embrace the Love and the Light within me as I allow balance between Mother and Father Energies. Consciousness and continuous conversation (connection) prevents preference to one or the other. I don’t want to forget my keys again!

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