I am always fascinated to observe that every week in my psychotherapy practice, there seem to be a theme in the work I do. Despite the very diverse collection of people and problems I deal with, a common theme always emerges from the variety of issues and people I see.
This week the theme clearly stands out as having to deal with limitations of some kind. Some people struggle with not getting the job they wanted; others not having any freedom of expression or acknowledgement in their relationships; others having restrictions on their budgets, food or even behaviors (what they are allowed to do and not); some are restricted in their movement and others in their emotional, spiritual lives even by their own limiting ideas and beliefs.
Having limitations disturb our lifestyle or stop us in reaching the goals we might have had, is frustrating. But, have you ever thought of how those limitations eventually lead to the attainment of personal meaning and success? Those limitations pull us towards our personal destiny and develop our character. The limitation makes us search for new avenues and question ourselves and our motives to find our true intentions. Sometimes we generate fears and have ideas in our minds that trap us into not seeing the opportunities what comes from our limitations. We hang on to illusions of wanting to fight battles against these limitations, or those who limit us, because of the ‘principle of the thing’. But those illusions keep us self-occupied with the wrong message and the wrong action. Limitations should not become an excuse to become passive and negative, or put us on the war-path against it or someone. There is a place and time to fight for a principle, but check if you are not evading the real issue of having to accept that the limitation is really there to guide you to admit your inner truth or learn something of real value for your character. Limitation should instead engage us in participating in finding the creative and constructive purpose in it. We have to see the road forward and not get stuck on avoiding what we really need to do and have to discover because of those limitations.

Genie in the bottle

Blessings to you all,


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