The insight you gain from experience, forms the consciousness that alters the past, and influences the outcome of your future.
It is consciousness that determines the direction of your advancement and the outcome of your choices. This is such an important principle because it ripples out to your whole family, community as well as humanity.
Our movement and especially the direction of our development are determined by our choices. We constantly choose how we operate and these choices have consequences in our lives as explorers on earth. We learn from our experiences but also from others explorations; if we are willing. Positive choices benefit all and destructive choices benefit some and hurt others. This is how we know the difference.
How do we make sure that our trajectory is in the direction of truth and constructive for everyone? We so easily delude ourselves and others about our ‘good’ motives, when they underlie narcissistic self-centered survival drives. The stronger our narcissism, the tougher we pull others into our illusions and misconceptions.
We do have a constructive navigation system that is based on love and compassion and this serves everyone’s benefit, not only our personal ones. The psychological ‘radar’ that promotes compassion is subtle and hardly transparently measurable. Paradoxically, strong overt proclamations of generosity and quantifiable data may in the end be self-serving to someone and mostly misleading to society. So, how do we distinguish constructive motives from the destructive motives, within ourselves, others and organizations, that influence our choices and directions in life, when reason and linear thought does not always lead us to truth?
We need to learn to read, check and verify the subtle, non-verbal signs resulting from our choices and interactions. These signs appear as physical symptoms, dreams, sensations, synchronistic occurrences and events as well as when perception unexpectedly highlights the words, visions, images or sensations within us. This is the terrain of mystery, where our Spiritual selves resign. There is a delicate veil between the concrete and the mystical world and this curtain opens that link when we notice, respect, validate, contemplate and engage with our spiritual side through the signs we observe without getting confused.
Our fears serve as an inner trap of discouragement that creates a pattern of failure for us. When we become oppressed by the everyday challenges, that are actually normal in life and there to help us develop inner strength, we lose our way in the illusion that life only exists of a concrete reality. Stay focused; cultivate spiritual priorities with a positive attitude that allows you to avoid harming yourselves with distractions, illusions and negativity. Your Spiritual Self always directs you towards growth and healing, even if it is uncomfortable at times.

Love and Blessings to you all,

Jayni Bloch

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