Hold yourself as well as others accountable to live up to the principles you value. If you don’t, you support and facilitate unhealthy interpersonal dynamics, in the form of negative behavior patterns. The best way to stay authentic is to be openly true to your own principles and values, all the time. You betray yourself when you endorse yourself or others to act in ways that goes against your values. You also betray others because they get the impression that you support their unacceptable behavior and they are not challenged to reflect on their behavior or choose new ways to behave. There is no expectation put on them, from you, so they are free to continue their defiant behavior.
An example of what I’m talking about is for instance your partner’s or children’s addictive, dependent or abusive behavior. When you ‘bail them out’ of the consequences of their behavior or accept their abuse without speaking up, you endorse the pathology. Stay your ground when you stand up to unacceptable behavior, for then you challenges them to change. It they are unwilling to adapt or change, they lose you. Your values are the leverage you have to support their maturity, healing and growth. Ignoring your values is to let yourself and everyone you love down.
The same applies to jobs and organizations that you belong to. When you belong to a group that acts contradictory to the purpose of the organization, you have to speak up or leave. If you cannot change the group’s direction with your objections, you have no other choice but to leave that group, in order to be authentic to your own principles. Your highest obligation is to your authentic Self and the purpose you Soul pursue.
Temptation to belong and to be loved and accepted is our biggest challenge in regards to being authentic and true to our principles and values. The temptation to adjust our values just to fit in or belong to a person or group, hurt us in the end anyway, because we are never happy or acknowledged where we do not truly belong. Our authentic soul-values and principles directs our happiness and the way we relate and belong with others.

Blessings to you all,


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