There is a time for everything; a time to plant and a time to reap; a time to give birth to new things and a time to clean out the old and outdated. Life happens, just like the seasons, in cycles of growth, renewal and endings of what becomes obsolete.
Everything is about to change when unplanned and unreasonable challenges creeps up on me to disrupt my comfortable and familiar modes and patterns. Things cannot possibly continue as they were in the past because unforeseen political and social circumstances, that I have no control over, interfere with my life and unnerve my comfort zone. You are very familiar with this feeling too. For instance, when the title that I have used for describing and doing the work of my career of over 30 years, suddenly gets regulated and is unavailable to use, which affects the way I earn my living, I have a problem. Not only one circumstance, but many that contains signs which correspond with the same massage of change are noticeable the moment we have to face a new approach in life. Every aspect in our daily life in a variety of ways will reflect the message that change is necessary. Be open to recognize that message in the variation of events as it is ever so subtle as it builds up over time. Life gentle nudges us to change by preparing us with indirect challenges.
I have learned from past experience that these niggling disturbances are necessary to wake me up to important creative change. To be too comfortable is to be asleep and not use my creativity to constantly grow and develop. The niggling irritations of life, which can also be difficult to handle challenges me to renew my commitment to my truest mission in life. It forces me to re-think what and how I am living.
Instead of resisting and fighting change, I now use my creativity to contemplate new avenues of doing what I do best to serve humanity with my gifts and talents. I have realized that comfort zones limit my creative productivity; I tend to hide my truest Self behind these comfort zones when they last too long. Discomfort challenges me to excel my talents and gifts whereas artificial ‘safe’ zones keep my resourcefulness in a slumbering state. I believe that challenges wake me up to my true destiny when it is time for new discoveries. If I cooperate and use the challenge as inspiration to grow I will advance to greater heights and if I resist, ‘change’ will be forced upon me in ways that I perhaps would not like at all. I allow myself to clean the slate by wiping out all that is no longer needed. This act makes place for the new growth to have space. The slate was too full as it were to contain more and needs to be emptied to hold a new approach.
When you notice a challenge creeping up in your life that is bigger than what you personally can handle and is out of your power to control, use it as inspiration to change whatever is needed to change. Be willing to go where change wants you to go and see how remarkable options unfold for you. We are more open to access the truth when we are in crisis. Be fearless and courageous in being guided by your truest soul mission as it becomes accessible to your consciousness though these challenges. Listen to your Soul/Spirit.
There is a time for everything. Is it a time to cruise on the familiar or is it a time to change your life and how you see yourself and what you do, from top to bottom? When ‘Change’ knocks on your door be willing to work with it.

Blessings to you,


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