“I am with a small group of outcasts. We are on our way to be judged for doing something unacceptable. We have to wait in quarters that are half way underground. We pass servants who use to passage performing various duties. I bump into a worker holding a falcon while tying ropes tightly around the bird’s feet and beak in an attempt to restrain it. Infused with anger and determination to save the bird, I snatch it from the worker and frantically remove the ropes and ties, despite my precarious position. A sense of otherworldly authority wells up in me; I have to protect and care for the bird; I am the bird, the bird is me; the bird is all birds in creation. The bird is the Archetype Air. Her wisdom, insight and free flying creativity is captured and held bondage; put in cages to be commanded, used as possessions to impress….. and her message gets lost. I comfort her gently as her heart beats against my body. A tear drops from her eye like hot blood on my skin. She cries out in pain for the disrespect of her wisdom and right to be free.”
I wake up disturbed by the horror of the gracious bird’s distress, and remember how when I took photographs of a similar bird in 2009 at a bird-show, the bird broke free and flew off to never be found again. Who knows if it is a good or a bad thing, because it is nice to get to meet and experience these beautiful birds of prey? But my heart retorts to their need to be free as I contemplate the occurrence of their breakaway from captivity behavior symbolically again, especially after my intense dream with a similar bird. It is all about how we use the Element and Archetype of Air in our current life.
Is information and wisdom captured and tamed to be kept as ‘pets’ for enrichment or entertainment? Is information and insight categorized by procedures and controlling regulations to the extent that its dynamic creative potential becomes smothered like birds in tether?
Regard creative wisdom and the potential for dynamic creativity as we communicate and connect with all that exist. Birds and AirBlessings to you,


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