Knowledge and understanding touches only the surface of true meaning. It connects logically with the symbolism that is actually the Soul/Spirit ‘Riddle’ and not the final outcome of the message we need to receive from happenings and synchronistic experiences.

Observation and interpretation is not enough. We need to reach deeper….Solving the ‘Riddle’, happens when we sit in Silence with the symbol, allowing it to speak to us divinely. Divine reaches back to us, sometimes over time, as we allow ourselves to reach towards mystery and surprise to unfold as it may, always with surprise. The mind is a wonder, but it is impotent without Divine Inspiration. Together, our humanness and Divine inside form an alchemy that ignites the unexpected to manifest. That is the Riddle in the Mirror of Life.

Exercising some form of observational practice becomes a continuous meditation and openness to listening to Divine. My dreams, photography, poetry and art for instance are such forms of ‘tuning in’ and meditating. My photographs are ‘moments of becoming’; experiences that are Symbols of Happenings. These Symbols of Happenings unfold into Divine Messages containing energy of transformation and development for me.

Other forms of tuning in are using various symbol systems. It is not the tool that has the answer. The tool is but a ‘riddle’, in the same way any dream or experience is, that leads to the mediation and conversation with Divine that reveals the ‘answer’. Our Minds are sometimes too keen to prove how clever we are by inventing answers without Divine Guidance. True Divination is a practice in humility.

Find how you tune in to Divine and receive true Soul-answers to the riddles in your life experiences that move your growth and healing.

Love and Blessings Always,


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