ConnectionUnaware of the potential for wholeness our own unconscious holds, we perceive life form only particular archetypal perspectives that are most prominent and immediately conscious to us at a certain point in time. We project when we perceive in others, and allocate to them, positive as well as negative qualities that are born from personal one-sided conscious and unconscious viewpoints because of our limited perspectives. The positive projections come mostly from our conscious viewpoints and the negative ones from our unawareness of what we hold in our own unconscious. This makes us prone to only relate to what we are aware of, like or desire, which we then notice in others. We feel that we have to discard, fear and judge all that we do not consciously relate to and notice others with judgment who expresses these qualities that we do not like. All unconscious projections that are allocated to others however, are part of our very own shadow potential.

We all perceive and interpret everything we experience in life through the lenses of the predisposed key archetypes in our personality. Although we have all of the possible archetypes present in our psyche, some of them stand out for good reason. The couple of Archetypes that plays the main roles in our lives and the construction of our personality are the ones with the specific themes that we are meant to learn about during this particular time in our overall development. These themes have both positive and destructive potential. Every person has a different selection of immediate archetypes that affects them. Unaware of the complete range of archetypes from where the personal selection originates, we either relate, or not, to others because of similarities or differences in our given selection.

Our overall development as a species, span over many eons. As individuals we take part in a specific moment in the whole of time in humankind’s’ evolution. Our personal contribution to the whole of humanities development is usually focused on a particular aspect which makes us lose perspective of that big picture that we are a small part of. Our personal life-mission fits into the many bigger trans-personal evolutionary cycles that we take part in. We grow and develop but we also destroy and suffer as a whole. Usually the atrocities in history carry the collective shadow of our human psyche. Every era has its personal and collective shadows to deal with. This is why it is important to understand the psychological defense mechanism of projection in the process of healing. Whatever destructive potential we are unaware of, are acted out through someone who has to show us what we are actually unconsciously doing to each other. Unfortunately we have a tendency to focus on how bad the person or group is, instead of noticing how they reflect our own human unconscious traits to us.

We could support our lives better if we were aware of all the archetypes that makes up the whole and that could also help us gauge our position on the ‘map’ of the learning phases we go through. We will also accept others who differ from us better, when we realize that they are reminding us of the parts of ourselves that are not immediately in our awareness. These parts can either be the denied or suppressed destructive aspects of our own archetypal theme, or some of the other archetypal themes that forms the rest of the other parts of the whole picture. For example, if the whole picture is a wheel with many spokes, we might only be conscious of one or two spokes of the many that exists. The more comprehensive our awareness is of all the archetypes and it’s positive and negative human and Divine potential, the greater the probability of being ‘objective’.

As individuals, we are in fact a product of what has gone before and will participate in life to determine what kind of consciousness individuals will develop after us.

As a particular contributor to evolution, you are linked to the past and the future, and you have the power to change consciously by choice within certain parameters. Those parameters relate to the archetypal themes you are meant to discover the Divine uses for. Miracles happen when the Divine qualities of the archetypes express itself in your physical life. Your own choices and willingness to grow and heal determines how that archetypal potential is accessed and used to heal what was left undone in the past and it determines the foundation to give people that follow you a solid springboard for further evolution.

Come learn about the ‘big picture’ and find yourself on the Archetypal map of Life. Discover your projections and heal your life; your physical and spiritual health and relationships. Get in touch with your Unconscious Creative mind and allow it to participate with your rational mind. Join one of my workshops.

Jayni Bloch

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