The ConversationThe other day I heard it again on a Television Talk-show. An academic, criticized a clearly intelligent and well informed woman with a strong political opinion for daring this opinion without having a university degree! Her sensitive and well thought-out observations during living circumstances informed her opinion that she also researched and tested informally.

It angers me greatly when I come across this kind of arrogant academic that thinks that only people with PhD’s have access to wisdom and understanding and are the only ones with the right to express informed opinions. People who gain valid insights thought practical experience that we can learn from and are worth contemplating, are just as intelligent and maybe even more appropriate, to any academic research.

While academic studies are a powerful tool to develop some objective skills and mind practices, it is not the only way to contribute to society’s advancement. Science can also become a questionably rigid and self-serving institution with no true innovative or helpful ideas. It stymies people’s creative potential. Academics need to adhere to unbiased principles and include and acknowledge non-linear thinkers. Minds that measure high in non-verbal abilities do not do well with retaining facts just to repeat them to impress others with intellectual knowledge. We are all well aware that verifying knowledge in this way is a skill where gathered information is being reiterated, parrot- style and relies on retaining and memory-recall. Non-linear and non-verbal minds prefer to solve problems though visualization and creative metaphor. Insights are gained through observation and experience, mostly because of a talent for pattern recognition in human and other interaction. Non-linear and non-verbal minds are holistic and are creative imaginary thinkers with a visionary ability to act on practical solutions and tap untapped potential. To me, this is what true science is all about. The time has come for all kinds of minds to respect and appreciate each other!

Our society is in need of reformation of all its school systems from primary to posts-grad, to include not only verbally gifted but also non-verbal individuals, if we want to succeed to develop humanity.

You – gatherer of material facts…the stuff that you can see and measure,

You are not the master of all…even though you think so.

You – who tell us that, words written in dictionaries and material reason is the only reality

You are not the master of all things known…

You – gatherer of material facts, know that you know only some of it…

Your other half lives in us…

Earth-wisdom… that intelligence that rides on wind and sun and rain and form the earth…

We are the half of you that you do not want… the half of you that you need to live by…

You – the gathering of material facts, the stuff that you can see and measure, halts you to meet us

Your life depends on it…don’t let your arrogance discard us

With Love and Appreciation to you all,


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