Consciousness from experience

People are not entities independent of one another. Each one of us are related to the rest of us, whether we like it or not. Whatever our skills or talents, whatever our wounds, we are all in dialogue with each other about our very human nature. Seeing our own shadows in the mirror the other person hold up to us, opens our hearts to realize how in reality we are complementary to each other. It is only by cooperating and by exchanging ideas that we move beyond our limitations. We have to accept that the ‘other’ completes our nature.
For example, when the desire to achieve cerebral knowledge combines with the creative instinctive energies, intellectual concepts transform into true wisdom that enhances life for all. When those with the skill for language work with those who meditate beyond words in sacred silence, superiority and indifference transforms into profound astuteness. When continuous productivity meets devastation as its complimentary force, excess and emptiness transforms into endless cycles of harvesting incubating potential. When material power and spiritual power unites, dictatorship and illusion is transformed into a practical discernment to safeguard all of humanity. When new cognitive understanding and unconscious revelations meets in harmony, our pride and shadow compulsions are transformed into divine mindfulness. When our indulgent need for pleasure renders us immobile and we meet the counterpart ‘shake-up’ encounter, it brings us spiritual insight. Narcissism and inaccessibility transforms into supportive unions. When the constant seeking of advancement and conquest meets cultivation, it transforms futility and neglect into success. Excellence becomes intolerant and ruthless without its complimentary ability for divine receptiveness, which in turn becomes tormented flexibility without embodying the universal laws that creates excellence. Individuals who have the vision to build of new realities can easily turn into isolation. When they connect with those with a drive to inspire the collective, their individual visions can manifest, otherwise the public will feel their work is too nebulous and egotistical. When one life cycle ends and just before another begins, this energy of death and rebirth, announces a state of limbo, which needs the complimentary energy of receptive physical senses, so that we can accept our divine connection within our human world and not try to escape it. This makes us accept ourselves as Spiritual beings in physical vehicles journeying to evolve consciousness.
Let’s work together and combine our personality and spiritual resources, rather than resist and fight each other thinking that we are independent of each other.
Blessings to you all,

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