Trust your inner Judgment when she speaks. She is the wisdom that helps you discern the chaff from the corn, so you can discard and separate the unwanted and unwarranted destructive people, events and information and stand your ground for truth and justice.

Judgement is an archetype that we need in life. We all have a sense of Justice and we all Judge. Judgment is Justice in action. She is the archetypal keeper of necessary order, principles and organization in society. Without her discernment and exercising of healthy ‘pruning’, there can be no healthy growth or creativity. The boundaries and order she discerns with her wisdom create safety for development and transformation, on the condition that the order is not condescending or crushing of the human spirit (the shadow side of Justice).

Her direction enhances compassion; it inspires and encourages commitment, cooperation, and receptivity to change. It empowers and gives the confidence to grow. But order is firm, neutral and sometimes has to be ruthless and final if it is effective. Its function is to create safety for truth and well-being to flourish. The firm merciless side of Justice’s Judgment is necessary to root and weed out damaging forces that counter productivity, cooperation, growth and transformation in individuals and society.

Listening to your inner Justice helps you to develop the vital and necessary skill to discern wise Judgment. Justice holds scales in her one hand that measures all the information with great reflective seriousness. She listens to Divine guidance while measuring the facts objectively in order to make valid and helpful Judgment that improves all of life. And then she uses her powerful sword to justly cut the unnecessary disturbances from the healthy energies so that new life can unfold. This Archetypal process helps you to focus and invest in positive possibilities for your own and the advancement of all, and stop the leakage of life energy on negativity.

The archetype of Justice leads to Judgment which is illuminated insight into the true sense of right and wrong. She teaches and gives feedback. The sense of right and wrong is that judgment about what helps all of life to flourish. Judgment is practiced and exercised with divine insight, not personal prejudice so that justice is done. Judgment models regeneration and creates transformation by living what she preaches. Her insight creates insight in others and spreads new life force in all. She encourages us to keep on changing; adapting to what promotes evolution of consciousness; the new realizations that makes us divine beings.


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