There is a lot of talk about Magic these days. We all long for life to be lighter, more magical. We long for change that takes us to ‘places’ less heavy and dark. We are all burdened by politics, violence, conflict and pressures to survive. This makes us all long for relief and magical worlds where things are according to our wishes and demands. The question is then: can we get to that magical place in our lives? What is magic anyway?

Jayni- (5 of 12) When I hear people talk about magic it seems to me that they approach it with a lot of willpower and force. Willpower has its place in life but it can be applied with too much ego-effort that is motivated by fear. To me, magic is something that is lighter and more mystical. Magic is a focus and willingness to move through life without effort or force. Magic to me, is when I listen to my heart-mind, knowing that I am held in an invisible Hand. My heart-mind tells me where my body needs to go and my body follows gently and relaxed as I listen to my Heart’s guidance.

Thinking is as powerful as ‘speaking-energy’. Speak the word and it is already so. Think principles of Life and act accordingly and you create life just by thoughts. Act the future by moving your body in the way you think concepts. Allow your body to follow your thoughts. This is the practice of Life. This is what creativity and co-creation, what Magic, is all about. Practice allowing your body and the ‘physical’ to follow and manifest your mind’s thoughts and direction given by your heart. When your heart-mind thinks in terms of Life principles, the creativity that follows is healing and alive; it follows the flow of Life. Creative energy flows when in synch with ‘knowing’, not force. Force drains us. All we need is a willingness to be in this flow of ‘knowingness’ to dance in harmony with our Soul’s calling to create life as it is meant to be. This is Magic.

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All constructive physical growth, development and psychological-spiritual movement, is determined by moving towards ‘knowing’; an active verb, because knowing is always unfolding. Creativity is the Magic that unfolds between what you know and what you don’t know. It keeps us humble. Magic is moving into that future space in our lives that changes the past and what is known; where we face our fallibility with delight, because while our imperfections are real, our ability to create a new constructive reality magically, is truer.

Magic is that half-word (that is still forming) that is more real than the letters it is made up of. Magic is going beyond, going to the ‘beneath, where the light ignites all faults, darkness and imperfections with beauty. This is the gift of being wounded humans; that we learn to overcome, create and grow every second, not through ourselves, but though connecting with that which moves through us, turning the wounds into gifts of healing.

Start to create the positive from the negative; transform the slime into gold by going through the crucible, the whirlpool, the tornado and the earthquake. Accept your darkness and turn it into light.

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Love and Blessings,

Jayni Bloch
M.A. C.Psych.Assoc.

Everything written on this blog is original and copyrighted by Jayni Bloch. You may not copy and use this material in any way without permission from the author. You may be inspired, share this link and quote me on sections. Thank you.

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