Reflecting2012tThere is a connection between external events in a person’s life and their internal emotional and physical symptoms because of the fact that they are all manifestations of the same archetypal theme in expression through the person’s life. A specific archetypal energy or sometimes a couple of archetypal energies can be long-lasting themes that express the lifetime themes of an individual, cultural or society.
At the same time the individual also encounter 10 year cycles of energetic archetypal themes as well as yearly, and daily or even hourly, archetypal themes.
These Archetypal themes are the universal building blocks of life – exist of this energy and potential and as we move though times that announces the particular themes of these archetypes, we learn to recognize them and assimilate the qualities they teach us to heal. As we heal, we become more evolved to encounter the more sophisticated energies of these archetypes, so that we eventually ultimately embrace all of life’s potential and recognize it in others who are part of us forming this world.
When time announces the energetic effect of the Mysterious Moon archetype, it may manifest its energy physically in the stomach and emotionally through sensitive outbursts or tensions around affection and nurturing themes. The Moon archetype relates to ‘mother’, home, stomach, nurturing digestion and feelings of being loved and included. The Moon also relates to ancestral patterns of all psychological and physiological kind as it is also associated with psychosis, phobias and obsessions.
The synchronicity between inner emotional and physiological symptoms, with external circumstances, is a well-known concept in Jungian Psychology. When we include the psychological phenomenon of projecting our internal unconscious awareness’s onto images in order to help us become conscious of these unconscious issues, we can easily bring these projections into the mix with the internal physiological symptoms and external events.
In my practice I look at all these factors when a client visits me with a psychological need. What happened in the past, but also what is happening at the moment? What is the persona feeling, fearing, needing and dreaming at night; what is happening in the environment and with their relationships? What is happening in their body and mind (what you constantly think about)? Are there any changes in how you use to relate and what your relationships are like at the moment? What you tell me, and how you tell me, and what you do not tell me, is important to me. What you see in the images and photos I show you and what the story is you tell me you see, is important to me. What I see in the astrological transits to your natal birth-chart is important to me. All these factors are the parts of a comprehensive story that is your life and tells about the trajectory of your emotional spiritual evolutionary path.
One such a story is that of a woman in her early sixties who started to suffer concerns with digestion. Severe stomach pain and diarrhea was triggered by the intake of some foods which made life very uncomfortable for her. She remembered her mother suffered the same symptoms at her age and battled sever stomach aces until she eventually died from colon cancer.
This client was well educated and understood the significance of her psychological therapy as a tool to help her overcome the unconscious family-line emotional patterns that could contribute to her physiological ails. During her therapy sessions we uncovered her mother’s great emotional deprivation of love and nurturing, which she compensated for by being over generous in all her engagements with others in an attempt to receive love. Resentment resulted from an un-satiated, unfulfilled need. My client recognized the similarities between her and her mother’s need to serve others, but in her case, she felt guilty to receive any benefit from the people she showed generosity to. In fact she feels it her duty to be conscientious and responsible in her caretaking of others. She became the nurturer and had no requirements to receive. She viewed herself a giver but was unaware of her unconscious need to be loved. That need was just ignored and overruled by the need to serve.
It is interesting to observe that the symptoms my client and her mother suffered, as well as the theme of ‘nurturing’ are the same, while, their emotional states, concerning their motives and fears, differ and are even opposite. My client takes responsibility to nurture and care for others while her mother through her generosity expected to be given nurturing and care in return for which she got resentful if she were not receiving love.
Another interesting fact to observe is that my client initiated therapy with me at a time in her life when she had significant transiting aspects to her natal Moon. Transiting Saturn was opposite (formed a 180 degree angle with) her natal Moon, and transiting Neptune was squaring (formed a ninety degree angle with) her natal Moon. Transiting Chiron opposed her secondary progressed Moon at the same time.
Then external events occurred that triggered significant emotional memories her mother and her shared, of being ‘left out’; not part of a loving family. Painful emotions of abandonment resurfaced, not to cause conflict, even though it did, but to bring to the surface the issues that needed healing. The Moon aspects and Archetypal theme, confirmed by the Astrological transits, the history, the Tarot Story and the words of the client, brought to the surface awareness of a ancestral theme of abandonment she and her mother (as far as we know; there might be other family members too) shared. Interesting to note that clear insight occurred for her on a full moon.
The Moon was playing hide and seek with her!
If you are experiencing an external event or feel that someone else is causing emotional pain, which seems to be welling up from the past and it is threatening to take over your present happiness, you might be triggered by a painful trauma, to heal. It is true that a person or event may have sparked some inner wound, but now you have the opportunity to heal the past and move forward. You need to be aware of the fact that the other person or the event may not have intended to hurt you. It is simply that they have triggered a deep, sub-conscious memory which is causing you pain. The pain may be attached to emotional wounds connected with your mother, father, sibling or your early childhood experience. In a strange fashion all unpleasant challenges and emotional pain are ‘gifts from our deepest wisdom, led by archetypal timelines to explore healing through experiences that approach us with painful themes. These opportunities allow you to delve deep within your own wise nature for solutions. You can use many different avenues to alleviate your troubles, ranging from simply surrounding yourself with compassionate friends, to exploring alternative healing methods and therapies. It is important that you treat yourself and others kindly as this can be an acutely painful time. Your dreams may also hold the keys to your present-day predicaments. Tears may flow, but it is ultimately a time of healing and evolvement.


Jayni Bloch

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