Mirrors to your Soul are Keys to unlock divine Archetypal Portals in your healing journey.

On my journey through life, trying to explain to myself the meaning of the mysteries I came across, I started to investigated books on Mysticism, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, Psychology, Archetypes, Jung, Esoteric studies, Enneagrams, as well as mainstream Psychology. All the information I examined contained some truths, but I always felt as if there were significant parts missing of a greater puzzle that could not yet be see. Jayni- (1 of 1)I continued asking questions. There must be connections between seemingly opposing components. Slowly, patterns started to appear. Substantial amounts of information from a variety of subjects, and practical encounters doing psychotherapy with clients distilled and purified into the most beautiful and exquisite ‘essences’ of understanding that manifested in paintings and images for me. The distilled images opened vast potential in the archetypal concepts it contained.

During the long (over thirty) years of research, observation, contemplation, experience and verification of the Tarot, Archetypes and Numerology in my personal life as well as that of my clients in private psychological practice, the expansive information started to refine and distill as I researched the subject for my book: The Riddle in the Mirror – a Journey in search of Healing, 2012. The connections between the core Archetypes, the Egyptian Numerology, the energetic body portals and my watercolor paintings (the power of color energy) came together as a synchronicity. In 2002, I started to paint with watercolor as pure Color-theory exercises, using Goethe’s Color theory. Guided by an esoteric teacher, Professor Donald Hall, I used watercolors for its Divine Energies each color represents.

Without any rational intention, I connected deeply with the energetic archetypal principles and values of each color, as I painted. At the same time I was writing on my book and contemplating the archetypes for that purpose as a separate activity. My rational mind was focused on the activity of completing the book, while actively contemplating and researching each archetype, one a year. Meanwhile my unconscious revealed images that contained information on each specific Archetype while I painted. The paintings resembled my cognitive research without me choosing to do so. I was unaware of the connection between the significance of the images and the symbolism resembling the contemplated archetypes, because I thought the two activities were separate.

It was only later when I wanted to preserve the paintings that the exact resemblance hit me between the eyes. My book described a condensed version of Archetypes to explain the evolutionary path of our psychological development and the challenges our psyche present to us through these archetypal time phases in the form of events and symptoms. I noticed that the painted images resemble these archetypes exactly.

The paintings are now used as healing cards in the product ‘Mirrors to your Soul’. I consider these Healing Cards with its booklet a true divine gift that was born, not only form mindful and dedicated cognitive work and will-power, but also from the collective unconscious and energetic realms of my unconscious contemplation and observations of life activities. Cognitive, subconscious and the collective unconscious assimilates in this product to serve your healing.

Look at the nine Healing cards. As you stare with soft vision, one image will jump out at you; will speak to you as if it resonated with you; as if it loves you; as if it wants to tell you something about you. That image has a resonance to it in its color and Egyptian number. The energy of the color and the numerology in the image tells you about the place you are at in your overall journey right now. It is the place on the map of your life-path. This place is one that energetically and symbolically reflects an Archetypal theme in your life right now. Your Soul recognizes the energy in the image; the energy of the archetypes. The energy of the archetype you are experiencing and the one in the haling card resonated with each other, that is way you recognize it. The archetypal theme describes constructive and destructive psychic powers that may cause you challenges and urge you to find solutions. It is your soul that challenges you through the specific archetypal theme to find solutions to the discomforts it poses on your personality, in order to helps you heal and urge your development.

The accompanying booklet describes the path to practice healing with enlightening principles for each archetype.

Join my workshop on how to use the Mirrors to your Soul and experience a revelation and revolution in your healing journey. Workshop details to be announced soon. Watch this Blog-space.



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