How do you handle life’s challenges?  For instance: Are you shocked because of the deceit of a lover or partner? Are you shocked because of a career disaster? Are you shocked because of the trouble your teenage child got into? Are you shocked by a death of someone close to you? Are you shocked because of your inability to cope with any current life issue?

Challenges are your souls calling for healing. Your unconscious is destined to participate with collective cycles of evolution. It is written in the stars!

Challenges carry within it the living seeds in its symbolism for your development, which I call healing. Intelectualizations and cognitive techniques have become antiquated in the face of our current psychological climate. People need firsthand ‘experiences’ that leads to discovered relief and insight, rather than cognitive strategies and artificially designed steps to regulate themselves – all of those approaches helps only temporarily if not rooted in the depth of the unconscious psyche.

Healing is an inevitable process: First the innocence, then the ‘shock’ and then the ‘courage’ to walk anew. It is your choice however, to co-create the new circumstances of your new understanding and awareness or discard it to stay on the old conditioned psychological track.

Jayni- (2 of 3)
Innocence of Individualism –  by Jayni Bloch’s Mirrors to your Soul Healing Cards

Have you noticed that you tend to focus on the events of the challenge instead of the meaning behind the events?  Yes, there is a definite reason which is usually connected to a psychological –spiritual evolution in your psyche that calls you to the ‘challenge’ in the first place. We can see the progression of challenges in the ‘transits’ that occurs in your astrological chart. You are destined to face these challenges as you go through your life’s journey. But what does it all mean and why?

Without the challenge you will not be able to have the courage to act in new ways than before. To break through the complacency or ‘innocence’, of being in your unconscious defensive human mode, your psyche as a destined evolutionary process itself (as seen in your astrology) conspires to expose you to shocking experiences from time to time. These shocks are the ones that bring you the impetus to evolve and heal because they lift us out of compliance by helping us meet our shadows. Without these shocks we humans prefer to stay asleep. Once you experience a psychological shock, you need a plan to handle the shock to your healing benefit. This is where this webinar, ‘Mirrors to your Soul’, can help.

Jayni- (1 of 3)
The Shock’ of enlightenment – by Jayni Bloch’s Mirrors to your Soul Healing Cards

Through this provoking and engaging interactive workshop, you will be led into a personal discovery of a renewed awareness and an awakened creativity and personal healing practice. The objective is to uncover the surprises that reveal itself to you from your creative unconscious mind through the symbolism of images, myth, dreams and Tarot.  This archetypal work informs you about individual and ancestral patterns and steers the way to personal healing and evolution. The practical methods of healing practices help you overcome your consolidated self-justifying behavior patterns that keep your pain alive.

The webinar is live on Zoom on the following dates at 7 pm. EDT till 8:30 pm.: June 7; July 5; August 2; August 30; October 4. The Webinar Fee is $180 per person for all five sessions.

Email me to enroll or visit my website at: http://www.genian.net/workshops.html


I hope you will join me. Once you enrolled you will get instructions on how to log in and what to do next.

Blessings to you,

Jayni Bloch

Jayni- (3 of 3)
Courage to move anew – by Jayni Bloch’s Mirrors to your Soul  Healing Cards

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