God talks to me in the early hours of the morning.

Depending how deep I sleep or how urgent the message is, I will wake up any time from 3 am with whispers winding through my being. These conversations started when I was a little girl. I think it was because I felt alone and that no-one in the physical world understood the depth of my experiences, so I decided that the ‘Essence of all Life’ is the only place to find solace in a world that, at that time, were full of conflict and strife. Now, in my sixties, God and I have a good long-standing relationship. My husband says that God and I are good buddies.

When I speak of God, it is an all-inclusive Divine; not a God of any religion. God is Mother and Father and All-Divine-Knowing, Nature, the Universal and the Creative-Essence that is in us all and all that exist. We just need to access that.  The word God is just the word that came from my childhood culture and should not be taken as a concept of any religion. Even though I read the Bible through and through a couple of times as a young kid, I never bought into any dogma.  My experience and understanding of Divine is a living one that comes from our relationship and conversations.

This morning for instance, I woke up with God saying to me: Jayni, do you remember Genesis, the story of Creation? Every day I created something new, observed it and when I liked it and saw that it was good, I created the next thing that supported the precious creation. Did I have a plan? Or did I create as I observed how it unfolded and what was needed next?

At the moment I am thinking about what happens when we are creative and whatever concept I think about or contemplate has a way of revealing itself to me when I ask questions. It is important to observe all that is going, inside and outside of me, to collect the clues of what unfolds as answers. Best of all are the clues and guidance that comes from these conversations with God.

In those seconds when I move from the domain of an unconscious sleep-state to consciousness, that transition state ‘in-between’ worlds, is when God speaks most clearly. In Nature it is the time when the light of the Sun reaches over the horizon and dawn colors the world, in the place we currently occupy, in a beauty of pink sun-rays. The color of love, wakes us into brightness and consciousness, and night transition into day as black becomes blue and changes to magenta, red, pink, yellow and eventually white. The colors in light symbolically explain the energetic transition that happens in our consciousness when we ‘wake up’. Every morning we re-experience the process of the oscillation between our unconscious and conscious natures.

Wow! That is how I work right now. I wondered about the ‘rule’ everyone is talking about in the material world that for something to work you need to have a vision of what you want to create and then create it. In other words, you need to know what you want ahead of time in order of it to manifest.

I am blown away. OK God, this is a new one. I’ll have to think about and observe this concept. But at the same time I know that this is exactly what happens in my creative endeavors.  I did not foresee the Mirror to your Soul cards and Booklet at all. They happened as I took one step at a time doing what I needed to do at the time; doing what my Spirit and Soul nudged me to do.  The Soul-Spirit-desire to observe, write, and paint moved itself into a process with a life of its own.  I was just obedient and observant and willing to work.

What do you think? How do you create? Are you guided from step to step or do you follow a plan. A plan is always necessary because there are essential principles for ‘building’ processes to be strong and viable.

I wonder if the parts in the process of creativity are controlled by willing and deliberate principles of creation, which then fits into higher designs we are humanly unaware of. For instance when I paint I do apply color and technique principles to what I am doing, but there are aspects of this process that is given life to that is independent of my control.  The creative process itself oscillates between the worlds of control and submission to higher or divine codes we do not have power over, but is part of a system beyond current comprehension for some reason.  The same happens in all the creative processes I participate in; living my life, being in an intimate relationship, having a child, creating a garden, doing therapy, etc..

Some of these thoughts occurred to me before but they re-surface as I orbit around the sun, contemplating life over and over again.

Love and Blessings,


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