I listened to a CBC radio broadcast last night on education for girls and women –
The stories of the four women were riveting and triggered some memories of my own experiences.
I had to prove that I were truly interested in higher education when I went to university and that I would not waste my father’s money. I was the first girl in the family-line to go to university and one of perhaps only three girls in my class at school to seek a university degree and career.
It occurred to me that when I was young I did not have the right to have have my own bank account and how I struggled to get a house in my own name after a divorce. at one time I was a single mother who held two jobs in my determination to keep a good quality life for myself and my child, without compromising my mothering duties. People, it is only very recent that women are considered as worthy and equal citizens with rights to have independence and voting power, etc.
There are women who had, and still have, it very bad and who’s stories are particularly disturbing today!
Let us appreciate the situation and promote education, equality, respect and regard for all woman and girls. All women, please become independent and self-reliant financially, so that you have choice and emotional freedom. See that you choose a partner in life who values you completely for your qualities and brilliance and is prepared to work with you to create a life that serves both of you and your children. Only in this way can we contribute to a healthy society and humanity.

Children celebrating Ganesha


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