Evolution of Consciousness is an alchemy of two worlds; the bringing together (marriage) of science and spirituality.

What I wrote in 2000 on my website, http://www.genian.net/worldview, is even more appropriate today than ever, so I decided to post it here on my official Blog again to share it with you.

What people think and believe is relevant to a specific time in human history, and that effects the way people behave. Belief-systems are time dependent and reflect something of the evolutionary stage, the skills of perception and thinking processes of that time. Physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual development is continuous. Development means change and the necessity to adapt to new ways of doing things is not easy. We resist change as much as we want change. We experience conflict and sometimes chaos when the current structures of understanding become inappropriate, because we have worked so hard to get it where it is. Change initiates a crisis in consciousness that forces us to change to the more appropriate. Destruction of the old is necessary from time to time to make place for the new. Nature itself demonstrates this principle to us seasonally. We are experiencing such a changing time at present.

Technology has created a powerful new communication format. The Internet has changed all previous ways of relating to self, others and information. Information for example is no longer exclusive property. Not so long ago, people had to rely on the learned information to guide them with knowledge that was not available to the “everyday” person. Now, people can know anything about diverse fields of knowledge. The Internet has created a need to discuss and discover new ideas and make new connections without barriers and borders. The mere name suggests its INTER relating, networking and globalization function. There is a synchronicity between evolution on micro and macro levels, therefore we are challenged to confront our value and belief structures about hierarchy and borders. It is as if the changing external world forces a new consciousness. We experience internal changes in perception where the rational now interrelates with the holistic and in this way we learn to see and function differently in the world.

Responsibility and morality is also changing from externally enforced rules and regulations, to the necessity to make responsible choices based on internal awareness. We are beginning to realize that we all need to own up to our individual responsibility on all levels and we need to cooperate to be able to manage ourselves in the world.

Dr. Helene Shulman Lorenz, Academic Dean of the Pacifica Graduate Institute www.pacifica.edu that specializes in Depth Psychology based in California, comments: “There was never any question in my mind that the two things, the personal and the historical context needed to be understood together.” She too believes that globalization forces us all to face the challenge to negotiate contact between disciplines, cultures and all.

I realize as many others now; that in terms of consciousness, recent history was a phase of rational and scientific development, which followed a much earlier time where we relied on intuitive wisdom. I believe that we are at the point in history where we have to integrate the skills of the rational and the subconscious faculties; science and spirituality, the left and right brain. Mind, body and soul is functioning as a whole.

I stand for and live life for the purpose of marrying these two worlds; the world of science and reason with the world of unconscious, collective unconscious and spirituality (mysticism). The work I do with couples are similar to the work I do on a collective consciousness level.

The Theme of my work is: How to understand, unlock and use the true meaning of life’s challenges, using the Archetypes in a completely new and insightful way than ever before (discovered by my years of research and observation in practice).

My Audience: People who want to use their experiences of life transitions and challenges in meaningful ways to grow and heal; to evolve productively.

My Product, Mirrors to your Soul, healing cards and booklet: A tool which is an innovative Archetypal method to track where you are psychologically and spiritually on the map of cyclical life challenges and use this information to enhance life to benefit yourself and other in your growth and happiness.

My Method: Teaching encounters through workshops, webinars and personal consultations.

Contact me from my website: www.genian.net

Blessings to you all,



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