Freedom of speech and democracy does not make us abusive people. It is time to speak up and not take kindly to Abusers and abusive people in this world.

Come on World, when a person – Donald Trump, or for that matter, anyone in your social circles – throws the same argument back at the person who made an observation or comment about him/her, insinuating that the exact comment given applies to the commentator without acknowledging the consequences of their own words or behavior, they use ‘deflection’ and ‘projection’ (well-known psychological defense mechanisms, (usually the kind used by personality disordered people) to avoid self-reflection.

Deflection and projection is an interactive manipulative strategy that helps the user of such a strategy to not deal with self-refection or self-awareness, but put the focus back to the person who responds to them, relying on that person to start thinking about his or her own behavior and morality.

A person, who uses this manipulation strategy, in this case Donald Trump, is arrogant and disrespectful to others while he considers himself above the rules of engagement. This kind of behavior is dangerous toward other people because there is no empathy or self-awareness, only ruthlessness; trying to get away from responsibility for their own words attitude or behavior.

Does this happen to you? What do you personally do when dealing with such a person in your social spheres? Do you trust them? Do you engage with them? Do they ever listen to your feedback, or do you have to obey them always to keep their vehemence, wrath and antagonism at bay? Is this not abusive behavior?

What do you think will happen to a country with a leader like that? This kind of individual communicates in one direction and has a dictator mentality. There cannot be two-way communication. what do you think will happen to you in a relationship with an individual who acts like that?

The projecting and deflecting kind usually abuse the fact that you will consider your behavior and be self-aware and reflective and sometimes guilty about having to be kind and gentle to them! Wake up world. You are in danger if you do not think for yourself as to the consequences of your alliances. This applies to all individuals you choose to be in your life, especially the leaders and teachers of your world. If anyone disregards you with ruthless double-talk and shows no insight into their own behavior, RUN!

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