I get inspired by some books, and lately found a new one that stimulated lots of thoughts I would like to share with you.

Keiron Le Grice writes  in Archetypal Reflections, Insights and ideas form Jungian Psychology, © 2016, Muswell Hill Press, London. “Considering the major “forces” in psychology, each has its merits, and the diversity of psychologies in our time is surely testimony to the complexity of the psyche itself. No one theory can do justice to the totality of the psyche”

This made me think about my current observations and past experiences. There is a globalization of the psyche happening that corresponds with the globalization of the world. This trend is a consequence of the evolution of collective consciousness and this makes it possible to have access to, as well as have, mythical and spiritual experiences of any and all traditions, besides one’s birth culture. This last-mentioned phenomena, confirms the universality of the core spiritual Archetypes, which we are becoming more aware of as we evolve. These archetypes are the basic building blocks in Life.  During a challenging phase of life I experienced visions of the Buddha, Ancient Egyptian figures and First Nation People that influenced my life profoundly. I also recognized my spirit’s resonance with the worldviews represented by the various images, despite my cultural upbringing. The spontaneous emergence of such symbolic numinous experiences represents universal archetypal processes of spiritual development all of life participate in. We discover our universal connectivity with all humanity empirically. The spiritual emphasis in today’s time is more on the shared truths underlying various religious forms and scientific schools of thought, than belonging to particular social groups. Yet, we find there is a strong opposing push-back at the same time that supports group separatism and exclusion.

The spiritual development of the individual is an archetypal healing process which is simultaneously a universal evolutionary process that connects one with the whole of existence, as well as with the Divine (the transcendent). The psychologist or healer goes through this process in order to know the terrain of the psyche.

We come into this world of polarity as an experiential reality, which is necessary for us to experience before we can discover our creative healing journey. It is in the polarity, because of the paradox and conflict that we are provoked to uncover the archetypal meaning and purpose of experiences. When we have an understanding of the Archetypal processes we learn from and develop through solving the riddles in life’s tasks.

Tension between opposites can never be resolved by the unconscious ego. It is because of this tension in opposites that we become conscious of the divine archetypal meaning through our experience. Denying polarity pulls us deeper into the shadow world of our unconsciousness. Consciousness and reconciliation is created because of the ego-conflict between opposites, so we should not see this conflict or the ego as the ‘enemy’ of the conscious Self.  Creativity and evolution is possible when we recognize our fears and desires consciously as archetypal forces that color our world and our perceptions. The recognition of our archetypal journey makes it possible for us to make enlightened choices about our behavior. Our ego is divinely composed to use life’s mysteries as the vehicle for spiritual expression.  The ego undergoes a spiritual process of leaning and evolution which is linked to consciousness because of a human experience.  As we become conscious we accept our deeper reality without projecting these fears and needs onto the world outside.  To know the living expressions of the human forms and expressions of the divine Archetypes is to understand what the truly divine forces are that guides us to the powers and principles of our truest Self. That empowers our relationship with the living forces of the Universe that direct and drives experiences and psychological and spiritual transformation (evolution).  Personal struggles and challenges need to be understood in terms of universal motifs and themes to discern the deeper meaning of our human experiences.  It is therefore imperative that every individual has access to the world of archetypes through symbolism, dreams and synchronicities, to access divine guidance for psychological development.

Keiron Le Grice also wrote in the same book that Jung believed that it is the personality of the therapist that cures, more than the particular method or psychological orientation. This statement can be made on the assumption that the Therapist is an explorer of the psyche, academically and in practice, as he/she lives the depths and breadths of the human experiences in all its possible realities of conscious and unconsciousness.

Not only does the therapist need to know and understand the psyche, but have the ability to connect and attach therapeutically to the client in such a way that he-she is a therapeutic influence because of their connection, understanding, observation, boundaries and modeling of the healing process. The therapist’s confidence in the person’s ability to heal and grow or overcome their challenges is absolutely indispensable. The therapist knows where to go and that the client is capable of healing themselves, because they as Therapist have done it themselves and knows the terrain of the psyche well. The Therapist is a healed wounded, not a wounded healer. If you are a wounded healer, you cannot guide the way through the healing process.  If you are a healed wounded, you share the gift of your journey with those who want to heal too.

The prevalence of synchronicities in the form of biographical parallels, dreams and art images (the Mirrors to your Soul Healing Cards), and the astrological factors in both the therapist and client is increasingly recognized as playing a potent role in the clinical process. These synchronicities construct the fertile circumstances for healing and transformation in both therapist and patient, because of the healer wounded polarity that exists in all. I find that in particular, the shared natal aspects, mutual connections between natal planets, relevant transits from the outer to the Natal planets or Secondary Progressed planets, between the client and the therapist is significant synchronicities. The therapist can only teach or help heal as they are familiar with the terrain of the client’s dilemma as it relates to their personal healing experience.

Besides working with the rational mind and the behavior of the persona, I add my focus on the ‘depth’ or unconscious psyche of the person I work with.  Collaborating on working with the unconscious in therapy brings a dimension to the healing that is a form of modern spiritual practice. Meaning and purpose is derived from our encounters with symbolism and myth informed from the deep unconscious psyche that leads us to awareness of the Archetypes.  Our healing dilemma connects us to the metaphysical, the cosmological, the sociological and the psychological through Symbolism. We affect the whole of humanity as our individual psyches transform and heal.

Therapy is “Moon” work! Moon work is about diving into the deepest unknown darkness of the human psyche; the unexpected, unexplained, non-verbal terrain of potential; reflecting on wisdom that comes from pain throughout history and ancestral life. The reflection on images and the spontaneous associations and stories that sprout from that contemplation, comes from this deep unconscious dimension in our psyches.

Moon work is mothering work; observing, holding, accepting, guiding, nurturing, researching, reflecting, repairing, directing, reprimanding and confronting, but always loving and knowing how it is and where to go. Moon work is visionary work. It is ‘seeing’ with the depth of being, working with the darkness as creative matter. Moon work has no divide between reason and instinct, light and pathology. Moon work is shadow work of the highest order that leads to the deepest connections in Life, to transform and create reality. Moon work is about connecting with Nature; it is contemplative and philosophical, poetic and narrative; it is about life processes, mysteries, miracles, synchronicity and magic. Moon work is about becoming silent and meditative. Moon work is about collaboration, play, celebration, becoming whole and creating new realities; accessing spiritual powers beyond our conscious control. These powers are revealed to us when we are open, receptive and observant to catch their glimpses. The therapist models a healing attitude to the client.

To me Le Grice talks about the Moon card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot when he says: “I’m inclined to see the mystical sense of oneness with nature and the experience of a deep, soulful feeling for the past as indicative of a connection between powerful archetypal experiences and the nature of reality itself. In such moments, we seem to go beyond mere psychology to reach into the depths of reality, the depths of nature.”

We find the Archetypal essences in the domain of the Moon. But what are Archetypes and how do they help us in the healing process?

It is also essential when working in the terrain of the ‘Moon’ – the depth of the emotional psyche – to stay objective and maintain a big picture perspective, so as to not lose connection with your Higher Self and the higher worlds and truths. Emotions can pull the therapist and the client into a spiraling attachment to sentiments that keeps them fatigued and severed from their psychic strength. Wander the terrain of the Moon with caution while dedicating time for reinforcing your attachment with Divine in your psyche through meditation and silence. Without this practice you can become physically ill.

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Love and Blessings to you all.


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