The Therapist as instrument of Archetypal Foresight

Archetypes are universal determinants of all of life and existence that we access through the unconscious; archetypes are the fundamental, all-embracing base essences of what life consists of; the building blocks in the cosmos. That is why they are universal. They are both the principles of creativity and the essences of life itself; the ingredients (components) and the creative expressions of life through all that is, including human beings. We access the indescribable, eternally creative and dynamic Archetypes through our unconscious; looking into the mirror that reflects the world beneath the surface of conditioned perception. Dreams, synchronicities, encounters with others and experienced, informs us of specific and particular archetypal expressions in each unique person as they venture through opportunities to become more clear and aware of reality beyond material reality. The core powers in the Archetypes and their processes, takes on specific forms in time and place, which has the potential to stream awareness if we are open to see this dimension of non-material reality. The gods and goddesses of myth, mythic animals and psychological personality categories are specific forms, expressions or personifications of single archetypal patterns. Our human nature has a tendency to attach to the personifications of archetypes. Although a natural tendency, identification with personifications and identities, are detrimental to individual psychological development as it keeps us stuck in attachments that immobilize our psyches. We then move in a stuck circle of repetitive behavior based on desire and fear. Archetypal knowledge supports the understanding and meaning of developmental processes underlying cycles and stages of life when we experiencing symbolic themes throughout our lifetime which informs consciousness and acceptance of all the parts that exists within us. We strive for wholeness (healing) by integrating all the parts that exists within us. We are all that is but struggle with the fact that we can only perceive one part at a time which we erroneously identify with as the only part we are. Knowing that we are all, we learn to see ourselves in everyone around us as they reflect who we truly are as an evolving species.

Archetypes transcend reason. Reason itself is inadequate to reveal the mystical nature of Archetypes; we need to reconnect with the unconscious psyche to access this creative insightful force.  The only way to clarify and translate our numinous Archetypal experiences is through the non-rational, as in images and symbol.  It is only when we recognize and experience the link between archetypal processes and the profound meaning of our lives in terms of patterns in the universal design that we heal and evolve.

Archetypes are not only the source of higher human potential and elevated experiences that access our Divine essence, but also the source of our psychological pathology.  Personal willpower has no effect on the autonomy of Archetypes possesses. When I talk about ‘divine spirit’, I do not refer to religion in any way, but the other half of the fundamental essence of our human nature itself which is ignored for historical reasons. We are only now, in this era, learning to connect with the divine aspect within us instead of only to the physical-material aspect of our lives. And instead of having a mediator to negotiate with our spiritual dimension or inner god, we are capable to relate and converse with the divine part within, ourselves.

“Our personal psychology is just a thin skin, a ripple in the ocean of collective psychology; the archetypes are the great decisive forces, they, and not our personal reasoning and practical intellect, bring about the real events. The archetypal images decide the fate of man.” Carl Gustav Jung. Adler, Gerhard.  Hull, R.F.C. ‘Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious’ (Collective works of C. G. Jung, Part 1, Volume 9,): 2nd edition, August 1, 1981, Princeton University Press.

Archetypes form the foundation for the body-mind-emotional system, which unconsciously, shapes our lives. If the unconscious archetypal factors decide the fate of man, as Jung describes, we stay unconscious. In order to co-create, in the process of our evolution with life, we need access to our unconscious and its archetypal divine design by choice.

A conscious awareness of these archetypes provides us a map of the stages of our psychological-spiritual development and the healing opportunities we face. These cycles of challenges can be used for spiritual growth. The link between archetypes and our physiological bio-energetic system, personality and spiritual consciousness, supports our involvement with healing opportunities and our spiritual evolution. I consider psychological and spiritual growth and healing, synonymous to humanity’s evolution. We are body, soul, emotion and spirt that need to become unstuck from indoctrination of dogmatic ideas that holds us hostage. The human spirit is ready for independent choices and to own its own responsibility through contemplative experiences.

Unless we work consciously with knowledge of the Archetypes to identify the wounding indicators as well as the Divine healing forces that underlies all of our challenges, we will only experience their unconscious results in our manifested life, which usually looks to us like pain, discomfort and trouble. Every person has the ability to access the archetypes directly through their own drives and complexes, dreams and fantasies, in order to become conscious of themselves as vehicles of these archetypal forces. Archetypes express themselves powerfully in the intimate world of our personal experiences, encounters and awareness’s.  The Therapist supports and guides their clients in the experience of uncovering the meaning of unconscious symptoms that carry their evolutionary messages.

In my search for healing I have found that the best symbolic system that helps translates the Archetypal journey into spiritual development, is in the Major Arcana of the Tarot.  Astrology and Numerology adds to the power of the Tarot, but for me personally it is the basic symbolism of the Major Arcana that tells the story and illustrates the psyches healing journey most profoundly. My Mirrors to your Soul Healing Cards is a modern interpretation of the Major Arcana, divinely inspired to be used in a new way for this era and integrates knowledge and experience of deep and thorough psychological principles that supports growth and understanding.

Archetypes are both thematic formative principles in life itself like the Periodic Table of Elements is to the physical world, as well as Psychological processes that humans participate in as an devotional developmental aspect of becoming ‘conscious’ beyond their own personality-informed perspective. Healing is about wholeness and wholeness is about recognizing all the Archetypal forces within your individual psyche and how it connects with the collective and the cosmic or spiritual mysteries. The nine Healing Cards in the Mirrors to your Soul, describes these patterns perfectly and guides the seeker towards resolution and insight.

Not only does Archetypes exist in our psyches as unconscious and conscious potentiality, but they confront us throughout our lives in the experiences that coincide with predetermined challenging maturation opportunities that occur according to calculable cycles; which I call predetermined developmental spiritual processes. Most of the time, we are not aware of the powerful opportunities that lies in our confrontations with events during these themed cycles that seems beyond our reason, will or influence.  The true meaning and Soul-purpose of these events need to be translated from our socially conditioned, logical and bias interpretations, into a Soul-language that reveals the reality as it is, and not how we want to see it. Soul-language is representative themes and connects us to the Archetypes that inform our evolution by driving our awareness in the direction of growth through its challenge. It is as if we do not know light without knowing darkness; rest, without anxiety; truth, without the lie. The Archetypes confront us with challenges that might express itself in destructive behavior; or what we might perceive as destructive. I describe this challenging behavior as destructive, because we experience it as uncomfortable, painful and sometimes puzzling. This unhelpful behavior and conflicts becomes helpful and is in fact the real guidance we need to challenge us to find understanding and relief in some way and therefore serve our psychological spiritual growth. It is the challenge that makes us strive for answers and stimulates growth and movement past our discomfort. Unfortunately we do not always recognize the wealth in these discomforts and strive to rid ourselves from them instead of recognizing the wisdom existing in the uneasiness.

For example, a young mother who struggles with her toddler daughter’s nail-biting, discovers her own anxiety and need for perfection as the origin for her daughters behavior. A man, who suffers insomnia, discovers his fear of the unconscious that might reveal his neglected nurturing needs as a child with a distant mother. A woman suffering from severe digestive symptoms discovers her anxiety about receiving love and affection because of a sense of responsibility to take care of others before acknowledging her own needs. There are layers and layers of truth to uncover as we cycle through experiences that portrays and triggers consciousness embedded in the timely archetypal processes.

In my book The Riddle in the Mirror, I describe a theoretical construct of the personality with its many ego-states. Each ego-state is an expression of an Archetype in human form. Our personalities identify with particular archetypal themes, which lure us unconsciously into holding pattern which becomes specific ego-states that rules our personality. When one or some ego-states rule our choices and perception through its particular needs and fears, we stay wounded in some way. The only way to move out of holding patterns is to recognize the god-self within; that divine aspect that has no agenda or bias at all and orchestrates the acceptance and nurturing as well as the choices in our experiences through the different archetypal windows of perception.

We contain all the Archetypes, although our personally resonates with certain preferences, which we are born to discover and develop. We do however contain all of them despite the fact that we may be prone to focus on some more than others. A personality can become rigid though identification with an Archetype. Life on earth urges us to integrate all the parts of self into the whole to recognize and realize the Self.

The ‘Self’ is a center beyond our personal identity which contains all the archetypes with its polarities. Jung considered the Self as God; where God is not an arbitrary external entity but the superior authority of one’s own divine being. The law of our nature is that the ego will be guided by the Self (initially unconscious) to serve life beyond reason and personal willpower, through becoming conscious as a result of shadow work and challenging experiences. This is why life sometimes happens contrary to and despite our best willful efforts and determination. When that kind of unwanted events happens, we need to know it is our Self (our Divine Self – the ‘Drop-of-God’ in us) talking and urging us to ‘see’ things in a magical neutral light, removed from all identification and attachments, to get the true meaning from the painful or challenging experience. When struggling with conflict or other problems, ask yourself how this situation is helping you grow by prompting true awareness of who you are and what you do? Our ego will always interpret events according to self-serving and social logic, based in fear and need, whereas the Self has method in its madness to help wake us up to true meaning if we do not resist its call because of fear to acknowledge the truth of who we really are. We are both darkness and light; good and bad; body and spirit; conscious and unconscious. The Self always urges our development and healing through the discomfort of the shadow.  Our shadows are the parts we do not accept and tend to repress.

The Self is not an Archetype but contains all the Archetypes. Identification with one or other Archetype is not our goal, but merely a process we undergo to understand the parts of us, until we discover all the parts or aspects of life through a series of experiences that informs us of each Archetype that makes up the whole of life. The goal is to see ourselves as whole; one with all beings; one with creation, by contributing and taking our place in life with our unique contribution to evolution, moving through all the archetypal aspects that form the whole, with consciousness.

To learn more about the use of Archetypes in the Healing process and personal exploration of self understanding, join my webinar on November 1, 2016.

Contact me for more on this New approach to Archetypes

Love and Blessings to all,

Jayni Bloch


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