In the light of the USA Election results (Donald Trump as president elect) please remember this: Whenever humanity is about to go through major shifts in consciousness, there is an equal but opposite force that tests the ‘shift’. When ‘Change’ does not happen willingly, it requires destruction – revolution – and change cannot happen when everyone is not on the same page…so the Universe plays a trick on us…uses a ‘clown’ (an instrument on the chest-board) of life to be the tool through which the breakdown of outmoded structures and attitudes can happen. Devastation is sometimes needed in the bigger picture to wake society so they can rebuild attitudes and life in more suitable ways. This blip in history is part of a huge and much bigger evolutionary process humanity is undergoing. Hopefully humanity learns through this to be kinder (less selfish), more equal, inclusive and respectful towards each other…. but here is a long way to go. What each of us who, already know this and strive for the mentioned principles, can do, is to keep on LIVING these principles in our personal lives. We must remind ourselves of, and practice choice without fear; practice to live your principles with neutral Love and acceptance. Our job is to not despair, but keep the course of enlightened equality and growth. Do not despair Everyone…what is happening right now is part of ‘Change’ and evolution of consciousness…it is this unhappy situation right now that is the impulse for humanity to ‘re-think’ what we do, how we do things, reassess values and LIVE (apply values) them in our everyday lives.


Love and Blessings,

Jayni bloch

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