Astrology and The Tarot teach us how the Archetypes can manifest and how to deal with them. My Mirrors to your Soul Cards, based on the Tarot, can connect you with the psychological cycles of these archetypes and how they challenge and manifest in your birth cycles.

We have many sides to ourselves. These sides are personality expressions that relates to the essential archetypal potential in the universe.  As we go through life, we have many experiences that challenges our perspectives, to help us develop a large vision or broad view on life.  These experiences, give us a view on all the possible archetypes that forms ego states. Our openness to experiencing these states allows us a broad view not only on how we function but also on the people around us, which can then develop objectivity and the capacity for compassion in us.

When we listen to others experiences with awareness and openness, we can sense their realities with compassion, and they ours, as they in turn listen to us with the same openness. In this way, we expand our perspectives on the parts we are all consist of, and we become more objective and accepting of each other. We realize that we are all the part of the same humanity.

The broader our understanding of humanity (the possibilities in yourself to be like anyone else), the more whole we become. Wholeness is synonymous to healing.

Taking a view from the Divine center core inside our being, instead of one or other of our ego-states, gives us an objective view on all our personality strategies, and makes it possible for us to orchestrate our personality with compassion, instead of our personality taking over control via ego-state strategies.

Love and Blessings,


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