What we have seen happening in the world up till now, are that we have become stuck in ideals and dreams, without acting on them to manifest anything of value. The trend was to stay locked in false idealistic dreams of personal empowerment and a fear to move from the status quo. There is a lot of talk and little action that supports humanity and the earth as a whole. A breakdown of moral values started to occur. This last trend expresses a need for individual power and control over others regardless of the consequence to others. What is happening, is that we are forced to change, because we have become complacent. We have lost our sense of social compassion because of self-centered needs.

It seems to me that there is shift in the collective psyche that not only affects individuals, but worldwide external events, that challenge us to wake up to investigate what we value.

How we use to understand how the world works, seems to be turned completely upside down. We are entering the true age of Aquarius. This new age announces itself with chaos and extreme change. We are all aware of this in politics and everyday events.  We all seem to struggle to find our grounding in this atmosphere of new unusual and sometimes extremist attitudes, that may even provoke fear of survival. Every personal as well as collective happening right now clearly indicates the power of Aquarius and the Uranus-Leo axis (polarity). The signs are all around us. We rebel against all that did not work in the past or is not working for humanity right now.

Let’s consider the qualities Aquarius/Uranus holds. The positive energy of Uranus, that rules Aquarius, bestows us with originality, versatility, and intellectual powers, determined to achieve desired objectives. Uranus contains an unconventional and outspoken forthright, rough, and ready attitude, even psychic abilities, and vision. Uranus is the rude awakener. It can be unpredictable, undependable, and even dangerous, because of its tendency to act suddenly, unexpectedly, and drastically. This eccentricity produces a tendency to be at loggerheads with convention, which manifests in battles with authority and institutions. Uranus supports and cares for the average citizen, in contrast with the social, political, or cultural elite. Uranus resents and despises conformists and the select or privileged. It renders an eccentric rebellious and nervous attitude. Uranus can be either open-minded and perceive the big picture in life, or become rigid, stubborn, misguided and promotes and follows erroneous ideas. We find that many people feel their personal ideologies are attacked and that they are treated in unjust ways right now. All of these different pockets people, act with an Aquarius mentality of wanting to stand for their rights. There are also huge numbers of people in desperate circumstances who require compassion, but there are also fractions that cause radical chaos and fear. What can we do about it without becoming fearful and obsessed with our own safety or entranced by the same bigotry attitude we learned from history, to despise.

Do you recognize some of these characteristics in our current environment, and maybe even in yourself? When you do, you can see the new era, with the theme of respecting individuals connecting to becoming a communal collective, announcing itself with its new challenges and new opportunities!

People are discovering that humanity possesses the personal inner authority to find their own spiritual path and participate in the evolutionary life-processes. Humanity, as individuals and as groups, want freedom and equality. We desire a classless society, without being bound by the limitations of birthrights. Freedom of speech, intellectual and financial growth through the development of potential, is paramount. There is a need to move forward from old and outdated structures. People are now, like never, challenged to be brave enough to see through the ‘veil’ of outdated conceptual frameworks and beliefs. But fear might shake us to the core and prevent us from moving forward! There is no more time to sit back and wonder, or in comfort and safety, while our ‘neighbors’ are burning. We are forced to act on positive choices and manifest out convictions by caring for the whole; accepting out collective moral responsibility. But how do we do that and still stay safe in a chaotic, fear-filled divided world between the privileged and the deprived?

There is a discrepancy and temptation in our Aquarian challenge, that involves the sign of Leo. These two signs have different agendas. The Age of Aquarius pulls in its Leo polarity, which is all about the grand ego and self-preservation. Ego-power, influence and authority is now powerfully evoked, which in combination with Aquarius, can produce dictators. The struggle between personal empowerment and empowering the community brings out stubbornness, rudeness, authoritarianism, dogmatic attitudes, and a trend to compartmentalize. When the personally empowered works for the good of all, there is some respite.

When ‘fire’ (foresight) is given to humans, they can either destroy each other or use it for the betterment of all. Uranus challenges us to wake up in terrifying, shocking disturbing ways so we will grow beyond the dictates of comfort, ease, and security. Let us apply our awakened realizations, recognize patterns of growth and potentials, and manifest better community relations between all human beings. The Uranian spirit can see ahead and know how the cosmic evolutionary processes work. A lot can be improved, bettered, transformed, freed and changed, if we put our intention and effort in service of all.

The secret of Aquarius success is that the ‘fire’ is not used for self-aggrandization to become demi-gods, but it is used to enhance humanity in general. There is no personal grandiosity, only service to humanity’s evolution.  This last attitude is extremely difficult to achieve in the light of being tempted to promote oneself as the Emperor over others; the all saving ‘evangelist’ that will use humanity for their own self-serving, self-enriching agendas. The warning to us all is that when Aquarian energies becomes rigid, and holds self-centered, extremist ideologies, the revolutionary energy converts into destructive wars and bloodshed.

We are all implicated as far as we are all human and share in the spirit of this new age. We all have the positive and destructive energies in us. Let’s make careful choices and take care in our speech and actions not to destroy others with our attitudes, actions or words. Let’s distinguish carefully between those who use us with mesmerizing words to entrance us to serve them. Deception in motivations and agendas, contributes to confusion and fear about who to trust and who not.

What are you doing to use this time well for the benefit of all of Humanity?

Love and Blessings to All,


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